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Dunlop adds to hypersport range with D213 GP Pro
Sep 07, 2017

Front tyre construction

Following successful tests in motorsport, Dunlop has introduced the next evolution of its Jointless belt (JLB) construction to the front tyre. The latest JLB design features three plies that control tyre deformation under high centrifugal forces and when leaning over into corners at speed. This new JLB construction has also been designed to provide additional precision and stability under heavy braking.

The JLB construction has been introduced together with a new front profile shape. This combination of technologies provides a greater contact patch at all lean angles, reduced steering effort and a highly responsive turn-in.

Fin-shape pattern with optimised groove angles

Dunlop says the D213 GP Pro’s distinctive tread pattern has been designed to optimise warm up times and provide maximum road contact in dry conditions.

Race debut

In the opening round of the CIV National Trophy 600 Championship at Imola, Italy on 22 April, Stefano Casalotti (Yamaha) gave the D213 GP Pro its first championship win. This victory was followed by Kevin Wahr’s win on his Yamaha R6 at the first IDM Supersport round of the season at Nürburgring the following month. The tyre is currently being put through its paces in what Dunlop considers the most demanding road race of them all, the Isle of Man TT, after being tested and selected by several leading teams.

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