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Motorcycle radial tyre technology
Sep 11, 2018

Meridian tire cord arrangement is different from bias tyre, radial tyre cord not overlapping, but parallel to the outer tube section close to, like the earth meridian, cord Angle is small, generally to 0 °, tire cord not sustain the intersection point between body, when the tyres in the process of driving, crown ambient stress increase, will cause the circumferential stretching, tire body into radial fissure.Therefore meridian tire buffer layer to deal with close to a week to arrange cord layer, and tire cord Angle 90 ° intersection, generally is 70 ° to 78 °, form a rigid ring belt can hardly done, fixed the whole tire, limit the tire circumferential deformation, the buffer layer under the internal stress of the tire from 60% to 70%, become the main force of radial tire components, called radial tyre with beam layer.The main stress components of the oblique tire are not on the buffer layer.Thus it can be seen that radial tire band design is very important, must have good rigidity, can use multilayer large Angle, high strength and not easy to stretch fiber materials, such as steel wire or aramid fiber.

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