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The Motorcycle Tire Question: Radial, Bias or Both?
Sep 18, 2017

For sportbikes in particular, the adoption of shorter wheelbases, steeper steering angles and 17-inch wheels and radial tires were all keys to fulfilling the needs Spencer mentioned: grip, feedback and longevity. A discussion of slip angles, cornering force, load transfer, roll centers and understeer is beyond the scope of this piece, but will likely be explained lucidly by Kevin Cameron in the near future. For now we may simply accept the fact that radial tires work just fine.

And this from Dunlop: “As designers of tires working with original equipment customers, we establish what the OE requirements are up front and perform extensive analytical studies to determine the most effective constructions to meet those requirements. There of course is a thorough vehicle test examination of the tire combination on low speed dry and wet handling, wear, and high speed handling before the tire is ultimately approved by the manufacturer.”