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What Damages A Tire?
Sep 07, 2018

There are many factors that contribute to wear and tear of a tire. Aside from age, road conditions like potholes, speed bumps, curbs, and debris in the road are primary contributors. Also driving habits including, but not limited to, speeding, quick starts, ignoring changes in handling, and emergency braking. While not obvious, climate does have an effect on tires. When exposed to extreme temperature (hot or cold), direct sunlight, rain, snow and ice, as well as various chemicals like oil and grease, this can wreak havoc on your tires and you may not even know it.

Another consideration is improper use of tires. Using a spare tire as a permanent replacement, mixing tire types, using summer tires in winter and vice versa, using tires on damaged wheels, and fitting tires that do not have the speed capability and load index at least equal to or higher than those specified by the vehicle manufacturer, can all lead to damaged tires.

As a result, there is no way to tell exactly how long a tire will last but it’s important for you to note that tires do, in fact, have a lifespan. That lifespan depends on a combination of factors including a driver’s habits, tire design, climate, road conditions, and service of the tire.