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Winter driving tips
Dec 31, 2016

Winter hot car necessary

Original hot car is necessary. Because temperature is low, the engine easily reached normal temperatures in winter, and lube oil viscosity also increases, wax reduces, so startup rises above 1000 rpm at idle. When the idle down to normal speed, hot car is enough, is 3-5 minutes.

Snow brake to "early" to "Sophie"

For snow driving stunt, is primarily an "early" and a "soft" words, even in the absence of snow and ice on the road, braking effect also in winter and other seasons, because the winter tyres and the road surface is "hard", so should touch on the early winter driving brake, combined with reduction gear brake better. The bingxuelu trying not to step on the brake, using reduction gears for engine braking.

Snow parking not in water

Due to changes in the temperature difference between day and night in the snow, body often occurred in parked night after icing, icing is the biggest snow park "enemies". If parked outside in the snow, you cannot Park where there is stagnant water, because parking in these areas, water will freeze again in the evening, tire and road surface frozen together, when you start the vehicle will make tyre deformation or even tear the tire.