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City Motorcycle Tire Maintenance Raiders
Jun 30, 2017

City Motorcycle tire maintenance Raiders
an examination
During the driving process, as a "car foot" of the City Motorcycle tires, like people walking through every place, experienced a different place, encounter different situations, so the owner should focus on checking the situation of urban motorcycle tires , Whether there will be debris or foreign matter mixed in which, if found, to clean up in time, if not promptly cleaned, in addition to part of the car will automatically fall off, some will slowly "erosion" urban motorcycle tires, More and more deep, when to a certain extent, they will puncture the City Motorcycle tires, resulting in urban motorcycle tire burst tire leak, etc., likely to cause their own risk.
Timely replacement
First: the overall cleaning of the car, in particular, to focus on the City Motorcycle tires cleaning, if the City Motorcycle tire surface is a mud cover, it is easy to cover the tread scars, cleaning is to check the City Motorcycle tires Whether there is sediment, cut, uplift and other conditions, if found to have broken motorcycle motorcycle tires should be replaced immediately.
Second: If the discovery of urban motorcycle tires there is serious wear and tear, will make the car's braking force down, in order to prevent such a situation, it is best to replace.
Third: check if the City Motorcycle tire valve is a rubber product, when the rubber becomes dark red, indicating that the valve has been aging, can not guarantee good air tightness, the best replacement.
Check the balance
In the long distance by car in the car must have experienced a collision, high speed, rapid turn, emergency braking or across obstacles, etc., urban motorcycle tires will be because of such problems and lose balance. Resulting in vehicle deviation, bumps or uneven wheel wear (commonly known as "eating"), affecting traffic safety.
Check tire pressure
Detection of urban motorcycle tire pressure, is the most important part of the daily maintenance of urban motorcycle tires, should not only be done in the hiking back. In the daily driving, should develop a regular (preferably 1 week check once) check the tire pressure of good habits, the security risks eliminated in the bud. Check the tire pressure should be carried out in the cold tire state. This is because the City Motorcycle tires due to driving temperature, the tire pressure will be higher than the actual value, then if the tire pressure to reduce the tire, cooling tire pressure after the lack of.
As the car drive wheel position is different (front or rear drive) and steering wheel and other factors, resulting in urban motorcycle tires before and after the wheel wear is not the same. So in order to obtain the best urban motorcycle tire wear conditions and longer life, the City Motorcycle tires are necessary. Please refer to the instruction manual for guidance on City Motorcycle tires. Keep in mind: When adjusting the direction of the City Motorcycle tires, pay attention to carefully observe the direction of the wheel shows the direction of rotation of the wheel arrow. After adjustment to ensure that the direction of rotation is correct.