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City Motorcycle Tire Storage Need To Pay Attention To What Important Details
Oct 11, 2017

City Motorcycle tire are generally solid tires, because the solid tires will not be the risk of product puncture, and the load is also large, in order to let everyone on the City Motorcycle tire have more understanding, then let us introduce City Motorcycle tire Precautions for storage:
1, City Motorcycle tire should be stored in the warehouse, the library to keep dry, ventilated, to avoid exposure.
2, inner tube for separate storage, should be filled with the right amount of air. When hanging on a semi-circular wooden frame, turn the fulcrum on a regular basis and do not fold it flat or stack it.
3, tires or sets of City Motorcycle tire should be placed, is strictly prohibited and stacked through the heart hanging. Large City Motorcycle tire is only available on a single floor, medium and small City Motorcycle tire. Turn every two months.
4, City Motorcycle tire should be away from heat, power generation equipment and production of ozone sites. Do not mix with oil, easy objects and chemical corrosion.
5, shipped City Motorcycle tire, not with oil, flammable materials, chemical corrosion and other mixed, and covered with tarpaulin, to avoid sunlight or rain. Long distance transport must be set up.
6, City Motorcycle tire should be stored in stock cards, records City Motorcycle tire type, specifications, level, label, production and storage time, according to the production and storage time in batches, first-in first out, the order to use.
If City Motorcycle tire needs to be stored separately, fill in the right amount of air. When hanging on a semi-circular wooden frame, do not fold flat or stack, but also rolling the fulcrum on schedule. And the inner tube of the same storage, tires or sets of City Motorcycle tire can not be flat, not stacking heart hanging, to stand; and, for the large City Motorcycle tire, its only single-tier legislation, small and medium-sized City Motorcycle tire promised to double the floor, every two months to scroll once.
City Motorcycle tire Due to prolonged operation on the ground, City Motorcycle tire is part of the largest accessory in the forklift fitting and will not be used when worn to a certain extent. Of course, we said that the degree of wear is not rotten into the slag can be changed. Forklift Company reminds you that when your City Motorcycle tire appears the following phenomenon will need to be replaced:
The normal use of the City Motorcycle tire life is 4,5 years. Because the tread of the rubber will be due to a long time and aging, after 5 years even if the wear of the tread is also very small to replace the best. And many small cracks is the cause of puncture incentives. The City Motorcycle tire's life will vary depending on the City Motorcycle tire's rubber formulation and the car environment and driving habits. So this requires the driver to drive some time in the usual car, City Motorcycle tire aging is also a sign of the tread surface of the parts are mostly from the side of the shoulder or shoulder and other parts of the beginning of the temporary sun and rain will let the rubber surface There are small cracks in the loop, these cracks indicate that the carrying capacity and quality of the City Motorcycle tire at this time have begun to drop in order to reduce the risk of puncture the best early replacement.
In addition to aging. To indicate the real wear of the City Motorcycle tire. And for the absence of wear signs City Motorcycle tire can also use the caliper (or dedicated City Motorcycle tire pattern) for measurement, City Motorcycle tire is also a natural wear and tear so the forklift company's tires in the factory will be marked in front of the tire wear limit The The City Motorcycle tire, which has a trench depth of less than 1.6 mm, can no longer be used because the water and performance of the City Motorcycle tire are significantly reduced. In addition, if a City Motorcycle tire has been repaired three or four times, then the forklift company suggested that you would like the best of this City Motorcycle tire to the non-drive wheel or rear wheel to reduce the risk of puncture.