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City Motorcycle Tire Tread Problem
Jul 07, 2017

City Motorcycle tire tread problem

Tires are one of the most important components on the car, it supports all of the vehicle components, car load, and pass the direction of the force and moment, general city motorcycle tyre is used as the tread of fault first has the following kinds:

1. Unilateral wear commonly known as partial wear, the first is due to the wheel overshoot or introverted, which is often formed by the wheel positioning. Solution: check the mechanical problems and maintain the standard pressure. When necessary, switch the front axle of the tire regularly. It is important to note that the radial tire is not intermingled with the oblique tire on the same axis.

2. Partial wear of brake formation, check the braking system if necessary, and maintain that the driver should prevent emergency braking when driving.

3, tread rubber block is cut off, the first is marching on the road, the road sharp foreign body contains fragments of tread rubber block may be cut off, and also with steel band or maybe hurt tire cord fabric layer. Thus, it is possible to prevent rolling foreign objects and debris while travelling on the road.

City motorcycle tire is one of the many varieties of tires, the tire body usually is to use rubber, wear resistance is very high, so even if the vehicle in the harsh environment also can ensure normal operation, ensure that the work orderly, progress together with the power of work. Let's appreciate the merits of its planning together.

1. Good use of planning

City motorcycle tyre maximum limit to ensure that the tyre puncture resistance, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicles in the process of bearing operation and tire punctured in the poor working environment. City motorcycle tyre load - shaped variable small, good stability and operation because of its resistance to thorns tore, without air, avoid the frequent tire repair for heavy work, can work progress vehicles use rate and power.

2. Reasonable structure planning

High rigidity and high strength base glue and steel ring support ensure the stiffness of the tire and ensure the tightness of the tire and rim, which basically eliminates the problem of the sliding circle of the City Motorcycle tire. The high elastic center glue, which effectively absorbs the vibration of the vehicle during operation, has the comfortable driving force, and avoids the damage to the vehicle together. The thickened tread rubber layer ensures the tyre resistance to wear and tear and improves the life of the City Motorcycle tire.

City motorcycle tyre thinking in the process of planning to its practical application environment, and adopted the advanced skills and formulation, and ensure that the function of its strong heat-resistant, else, city motorcycle tires also let the driver feels very comfortable, is kill two birds with one stone.

Many vehicles will think about urban motorcycle tyres when choosing tires, and the safety of the urban motorcycle tyre will reduce the risk factor of the drivers in the process. So how much do you know about the tires of a city motorcycle tire?

City motorcycle tire body for whole rubber components, maximum limit to ensure that the tyre puncture resistance, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicles in the process of bearing operation and tire punctured in the poor working environment. The utilization rate and work efficiency of progressive vehicles.

The standard of the tire with tyre diameter D, bead diameter or rim diameter D, section B and wide flat than (tire cross-section high H/tire cross-section wide B) scale, such as show that unit is commonly inches (in) (1 = 2.54 cm) in.

Fetal heel: the outer rim of the tire ring and the rounded corners of the rim of the tire.

Tire ring core: made of steel ring, triangle strip and tire ring core.

Wire coil: a rigid ring with copper wire wound to fix the tire to the rim of the wheel.

Assembly line: a single ring or multi-ring rubber edge that is moulded on the side of the tyre and the foetus ring, usually used to instruct the tire to accurately assemble the line on the rim.

City motorcycle tires in clutter and harsh conditions apply, when it marched under various deformation, load, force as well as high and low temperature effect, thus it is necessary to have a high load, traction, buffering functions. The tyre of the city motorcycle tire is a kind of tire which is installed on the rim of the wheel. It is made up of the core of the tyre and the inner tube of the tyre.