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Dainese And AGV Partners With Sky Racing Team VR46 For 2017 Racing Season
Feb 16, 2017

Dainese and AGV have announced the four-years-running partnership with Sky Racing Team VR46 for the 2017 racing season which starts on March 26 with the Qatar GP. This partnership will help provide Dainese and AGV head-to-toe safety to the the young Italian riders Francesco Bagnaia, Stefano Manzi, Andrea Migno and Nicolò Bulega in Moto2 and Moto3 Championships.

The Sky Racing Team VR46 riders will go back on the track protected by D-air, the airbag system that represents the Dainese state-of-the-art technology, the first one to be worn during the World Championship already starting from 2007.

Thanks to the electronic platform and to the algorithm, the brain and true intelligence of the system, D-air is able to detect dangerous situations and triggers in case of high-side and low-side with tumbling. D-air inflates special airbags around the rider’s body, covering neck, shoulders and collarbones. The proprietary 3D Dainese airbag is the heart of the system. Thanks to an internal structure made of micro-filaments, the airbag deploys in a controlled width over its full length and wraps around the rider's body, providing at the same time maximum protection and comfort. The patented airbag is unique and differs from all other airbags used in the automotive industry.

“It is with great enthusiasm that Dainese and AGV will support the Sky Racing Team VR46 also for the 2017 season” stated Fabio Muner, Racing & Strategic Partnerships Director of Dainese Group. “It’s important to ensure these riders, true assets of Italian motorcycle racing, with the best protective technologies. This year we double the categories and the bikes. We doubled our efforts, but it is also with doubled-satisfaction that we support these young promising Italian riders, providing them with technical gear that enables to nurture their talent during the long and demanding season of the World Championship. This is just a further confirmation that the job done together by Sky, Valentino Rossi, Dainese and AGV is quickly bringing our riders to stand out in the international arena.”