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Design Concept And Trend Of City Motorcycle Tire
Aug 18, 2017

Design Concept and Trend of City Motorcycle tire
Now talk about the main topic today, I want to start from the environmental problems. Environmental problems can be said to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, environmental problems, especially air pollution, is a very worthy of study, especially in China. China is now the largest new energy automotive market. There are many government policies that encourage the development of new energy vehicles, and the Chinese government has announced a demand for improved fuel consumption. Fuel consumption in 2020 to reduce 27.5%, this for the new energy vehicles, is very good news. New energy vehicles is certainly a solution to improve fuel consumption, there are many types of new energy vehicles, whether it is fuel cell, or plug-in car, a lot of the theory is the same.
The development of new energy vehicles have two challenges. The first is the battery capacity is not big enough, the other is the lack of basic charging facilities, so this is why people may be hesitant to buy new energy vehicles. The capacity of the battery can be expanded with the development of technology, and City Motorcycle tire technology is how to solve these two limitations, how to help us to alleviate these two aspects of the problem. We look at the characteristics of electric vehicles on the requirements of City Motorcycle tire, it is the city motorcycle tire design work challenges. The first is the lack of electric vehicle battery capacity, so that we should increase the efficiency of energy use, then the development of low rolling resistance City Motorcycle tire to improve energy efficiency. In addition, electric vehicles do not have the noise of internal combustion engine, the noise of City Motorcycle tire will be relatively more obvious, so the electric car requirements of City Motorcycle tire have a very small noise. Because the body to join the battery, so the electric car may be more important than the traditional car, so the requirements of City Motorcycle tire need to have a higher load capacity, but also want to control the weight of City Motorcycle tire (lightweight), which requires We must take these aspects into account when designing City Motorcycle tire. So the electric car on the performance of City Motorcycle tire that include low rolling resistance, low noise, lightweight, high load capacity and so on.
City Motorcycle tire are very important for vehicle suspension. One kilogram of non-hanging weight is equivalent to several kilograms of hanging weight, so that when it rolls, it will need more energy, will consume more energy. How can we determine the size of the City Motorcycle tire and the weight of the City Motorcycle tire, the size of the City Motorcycle tire is determined by the load capacity of the City Motorcycle tire, so when we design, we should put the City Motorcycle tire Of the load capacity to come in. This figure can be seen in the distribution of City Motorcycle tire weight, from the material point of view, City Motorcycle tire from natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components. From the structural point of view, blue (tread) here accounted for 30%. How to give the City Motorcycle tire lose weight, there are structural design constraints, thin City Motorcycle tire can reduce its weight but durability will be affected, as well as the impact of drums. How can we find a solution that can reduce the weight of City Motorcycle tire without affecting other performance. Solid platinum research and development of the application of a new type of lightweight materials, and will not affect the durability of City Motorcycle tire. Application of new materials City Motorcycle tire can be successfully reduced by 20% of the weight of City Motorcycle tire.
Next to take into account the effective reduction of City Motorcycle tire noise, we can see, whether it is a standard diesel locomotive or electric vehicles, City Motorcycle tire noise on the overall noise contribution to the car or larger. We can see the car on the road, the vehicle noise with the speed has increased, but because we do not have electric vehicles internal combustion engine, in other words, control the noise of City Motorcycle tire is extremely important. For the noise of the City Motorcycle tire or the noise of the road, we can also classify them into different types, one is the noise outside the car, the typical outside noise is through the noise, the other is the noise inside the car, or we Inside the noise inside, which for the whole plant is a very important indicator. Noise can be classified from the way of transmission, one is the air spread, one is the structure of the transmission, for the whole plant, the structure of the transmission of this City Motorcycle tire noise is more important.