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Do Not Know The Motorcycle Tires Common Sense
May 27, 2017

 Motorcycle Radial Tire Do not know the motorcycle tires Common sense of the motorcycle due to the light weight, horsepower, in the course of the process, the vehicle due to accelerated inertia, weight and rear wheel, plus in many corners have to angle the car over the corner, See how important tires are to a motorcycle. Speaking of motorcycle tires nothing less than the essence of tires and tire tire pressure is particularly important!

  Service life

  In general, the normal life of motorcycle tires for about 3 years, due to the tire itself using petrochemical rubber (nylon material) made, in addition to the normal driving state of their own wear and tear, plus large displacement tire most of the performance of fetal , In the high-speed state, the carcass will heat into (to reach the working temperature) and play the grip, this phenomenon to the performance of high-performance fetal performance is most obvious, in this regular high fever (riding), low temperature (At the time of parking), the change in rubber material will also increase. In addition, if the vehicle is placed for a long time, with the weather (the temperature difference is too large), the tire is also an invisible killer.

  Second hand tire to be careful

  Motorcycle Radial Tire Most of the domestic high-performance tires are imported to introduce, in addition to high prices, there are many domestic sales of second-hand tires of the store, although the price difference in a large section, may be able to save a cost, But these from the unknown origin of the second hand, in the quality or hidden a lot of worries. Here to remind everyone that, in addition to carefully observe the production of the year, the other is to carefully watch the surface of the tread surface of the rubber material with or without cracks, tread depth, fetal wall with or without deformation of the traces of the other is the inner circle And the traces of broken with the bead. Although many sellers will mark Jiucheng new, Bacheng new slogans and low-cost promotions to attract consumers, but this is about life safety when riding things, do not lose big

  Motorcycle tires in addition to have a strong grip, but also shoulder the wet slippery surface of the drainage and low temperature environment can quickly reach the working temperature and so on.

  The importance of tire pressure

  Tire pressure is one of the most likely to change the motorcycle one of the variables, the regular adjustment of tire pressure is absolutely nothing but harm, but most of the riders often overlook the importance of tire pressure.

  1. Always check the tire pressure

  If your car's daily cycling environment is on a more stable road rain, it is recommended that you check the tire pressure once a week. Conversely, if you often travel in the sand and gravel mixed road, it is best every other day to two days to check the tire pressure.

  2. Check the basic tire pressure

  Vehicles in the running, the tire pressure will be accompanied by the tire surface temperature and rise, the tire will mention the expansion of the air, which will cause the tire tire pressure is too high. Serious cases, it will cause the situation of the puncture, so the appropriate check the basic tire pressure is extremely important, and we also recommend that you check the basic tire pressure in the cold, to avoid the temperature rise and affect tire pressure.

  3. Self-made high-quality tire pressure table

  Because the tire pressure will directly affect the tire's ground area, twist, tire temperature, so standing a tire pressure gauge can help you always check the value of the car tire pressure.

  4. Control normal tire pressure

  Low tire pressure can increase the grip of the tire, on the contrary, too low tire pressure will cause the tire steering, the consequences of excessive wear and tear, cornering will become more difficult. On the contrary, high tire pressure can increase the sensitivity of the vehicle, on the contrary, too high tire pressure will cause the grip to weaken, while increasing the load before and after the shock absorber, the vehicle more prone to beating. Tire pressure is too high or too low are likely to cause the occurrence of puncture accident, so the normal tire tire pressure control is extremely important.

  5. Depending on driving conditions change tire pressure

  Due to the difference in driving conditions, tires also require different tire pressure values.

  Motorcycle Radial Tire Highway: traveling with smooth roads, can maintain normal tire pressure, too low tire pressure may cause the vehicle to turn insufficient.

  Off-road: lower tire pressure allows the tire to get more grip, but also to avoid sharp objects piercing the tires.