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How The City Motorcycle Tire Are Produced
Jul 31, 2017

How the City Motorcycle tire are produced
There are many components that will enter the production process of Goodyear City Motorcycle tire, and they play an important role in ensuring that your vehicle achieves optimum performance and maintains your safety
Part of the City Motorcycle tire
The bead is made of high strength steel covered with rubber, making the City Motorcycle tire and rims tightly synthetic wheels.
The steel belt is wrapped around the city motorcycle tire for a week to strengthen the strength and provide stability, is made of steel wire covered with rubber wire made of rubber. Sometimes also increase the aramid cord to increase the additional strength, puncture resistance and durability.
The ply is a skeleton of a City Motorcycle tire made of fibers, usually made of fiber strands that are covered with rubber. This will make your City Motorcycle tire flexible. The ply is also known as the carcass ply placed directly on the lining of the City Motorcycle tire, the strength of the City Motorcycle tire provided by it.
This is a thicker rubber member extending from the bead to the tread and providing a lateral stability of the City Motorcycle tire. Here you will find all the information about the manufacture of motorbike tires.
Sipes and grooves
Tread blocks are separated by deep trenches, which will allow your City Motorcycle tire to drain water, snow and mud. The sipe is a small groove engraved on the tread block, which provides additional grip, which is especially important for urban motorcycle tires made of ice and snow.
Your City Motorcycle tire have a slightly sloped edge portion of the tread with the sidewall engaging portion. Its pattern and structure play an important role in your steering control.
This is part of your City Motorcycle tire on the rubber in contact with the road. The tread also provides cushioning and grip, and its patterns and recipes determine most of the most important performance characteristics of your City Motorcycle tire.
Your City Motorcycle tire are mixed with up to 30 kinds of raw materials, the proportion of raw materials depends on the performance of urban motorcycle tires. It is made up of a wide variety of rubber, fillers and other raw materials, which are mixed together in a giant mixer called a Banbury mixer to produce a black viscous compound for calendering The
After the rubber to be kneaded is cooled, it is sent to a special open mill where the rubber is cut into strips that will form the basic structure of the City Motorcycle tire. At this stage, other parts of the City Motorcycle tire are also prepared, some of which will cover another type of rubber.
From inside to outside into urban motorcycle tires themselves. The fibrous web, the steel belt, the bead, the ply, the tread and other parts are placed in a city motorcycle tire molding machine, ensuring that each part is in its precise position. The output looks similar to the final product, known as raw births.
The raw tire is placed in a heated mold where the pressure curing is vulcanized and the components of all City Motorcycle tire are pressed together and given the final shape of the City Motorcycle tire, including the tread pattern and the manufacturer's sidewall mark.