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How To Choose A Motorcycle For Their Own Motorcycle Radial Tire
Aug 09, 2017

How to choose a motorcycle for their own Motorcycle Radial Tire
Car faithful are gradually began to understand the importance of Motorcycle Radial Tire. As a new car (especially second-hand car) after one of the three most worthy of investment (1 for oil filter; 2 for a good Motorcycle Radial Tire; 3 to find professional technicians tailored hanging), good Motorcycle Radial Tire on the vehicle The impact of performance is huge, far greater than the total excretion of Scorpio, this sounds tall, in fact, the street / mountain riding impact is really little investment.
Yun is, this Hengping have to help us to do. Recently, the US professional motorcycle media Motorcycle USA and the United States the largest motorcycle accessories / equipment shopping site Motorcycle Superstore collection of a lot of manpower and material resources to do this comparison test: with a 14-year Suzuki GSX-R1000 in two tracks, do For a period of two days, including the market almost all brands of sports Motorcycle Radial Tire evaluation.
As a series of articles about Motorcycle Radial Tire, talk to you today about what is a good (sports, sports travel) motorcycle motorcycle tire understanding; tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will combine Motorcycle USA test results and Your own riding experience to recommend two sets of Motorcycle Radial Tire; the last one will be how to use, maintenance and update Motorcycle Radial Tire tips tutorial.
 What characteristics cast a good (sports, sports travel) motorcycle Motorcycle Radial Tire
Before looking at the following text, you must first remember is: no one Motorcycle Radial Tire will be perfect, manufacturers in order to achieve a certain aspect of the performance of the motorcycle tire design at the beginning will be purpose Of the compromise, as a user, we have to learn to compromise. The most expensive, professional racing driver to use, and even others say good tires are not necessarily for you is the best choice. Meet your riding needs, the most suitable for your riding mode is the best tire fetal
 Motorcycle Radial Tire are the only bridge connecting the road to the vehicle.
On the motorcycle, the motorcycle tire and the ground contact area is nothing more than a bank card so size, so in the limited area for the motorcycle on the grip, how to correctly choose and use the Motorcycle Radial Tire become very important.
 Motorcycle tire size
In the choice of Motorcycle Radial Tire, first of all we should choose and their own vehicles to match the size of the Motorcycle Radial Tire.
Excessive size of the Motorcycle Radial Tire will reduce the speed of the vehicle, as well as the cornering of the smooth. Too small size of the Motorcycle Radial Tire will affect the stability of the vehicle and grip.
 What are the characters on the Motorcycle Radial Tire?
Every motorcycle tire on the tire wall in addition to the brand name of Motorcycle Radial Tire there are many characters, read these characters will be able to better understand this Motorcycle Radial Tire.
 Motorcycle Radial Tire are consumables, generally treadmill motorcycle tire wear marks are located within the tread, for a small bump, when the motorcycle tire wear to a certain extent will be friction to wear the marked bumps.
When it is found that the bumps are worn out, it means that the replacement of Motorcycle Radial Tire, if not replace the Motorcycle Radial Tire, continue to consume, it is possible to motorcycle tire structure layer exposed, causing puncture, affecting traffic safety.
 Racing tire tires (bald tires) because there is no tread, wear marks is a small hole instead of sudden, when the motorcycle tire wear to find a small hole, it means that the replacement of Motorcycle Radial Tire The
Where the wear mark also has another meaning, on behalf of a better grip of the rubber layer has been worn out, the grip will be significantly reduced.