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How To Determine The Life Of The City Motorcycle Tire And The Degree Of Wear
Sep 11, 2017

How to determine the life of the City Motorcycle tire and the degree of wear
      In general, the normal use of the City Motorcycle tire life is four to five years, after five years even if the tread wear is also very small and the best replacement, because the tread rubber will be due to the long time and aging, and many small Cracks are the cause of puncture.
      City Motorcycle tire is a ring-shaped elastic rubber product that is grounded on a variety of vehicles or machinery. Usually installed in the metal rim, can support the body, the impact of external shock, to achieve contact with the road and to ensure the driving performance of vehicles.
      According to the City Motorcycle tire rubber formula, car environment and driving habits of different, City Motorcycle tire life will be different. So this requires us to drive more than some heart, City Motorcycle tire aging is also a sign. Such as the tread of the aging parts are mostly from the side of the shoulder or shoulder and other edge parts began to appear, long-term sun and rain will make the rubber surface cracks appear small, these cracks show that the city Motorcycle tire bearing capacity and Quality has begun to decline, in order to reduce the risk of puncture the best early replacement.
      In addition to aging, City Motorcycle tire is also natural to wear. So the city Motorcycle tire will be marked in front of the tire wear limit, to indicate the realm of this City Motorcycle tire wear conditions. For the City Motorcycle tire without a sign, we can also measure with a caliper, and the City Motorcycle tire with a groove depth of less than 1.6 mm can no longer be used because the water and performance of the City Motorcycle tire dramatically drop. In addition, if a City Motorcycle tire has been repaired three or four times, then we recommend that you better switch this city Motorcycle tire to a non-drive wheel or rear wheel to reduce the risk of puncture.
      Of course, the life of City Motorcycle tire also has a great relationship with normal use. First of all, we want to ensure that City Motorcycle tire is always under normal tire pressure, too low or too high City Motorcycle tire pressure will give City Motorcycle tire safe buried hidden. Need to remind everyone is not to believe that the eyes to see, because most of the cars are now equipped with tubeless low pressure meridian City Motorcycle tire, sometimes from the outside will feel a bit deflated, but does not mean a certain loss, professional Tire pressure instrument is the only way to detect City Motorcycle tire pressure.
Understand the basic knowledge of City Motorcycle tire, but also the first step, the next step is to consider how to buy their own cars for the City Motorcycle tire, and in addition to the need to understand their car needs City Motorcycle tire specifications, but also pay attention The following aspects.
First of all, the original City Motorcycle tire, the original City Motorcycle tire is the best with the car speed and the maximum load of the car, so theoretically, in the replacement of City Motorcycle tire should be given priority.
Second, pay attention to City Motorcycle tire pattern, car City Motorcycle tire pattern, in addition to play a beautiful effect, the performance of City Motorcycle tire also have a great impact. Often in Shenzhen, the car, you should choose those with better drainage pattern City Motorcycle tire, such as the rules of small pieces of the pattern; and the need for off-road and long-distance car, you can choose large pieces of pattern.
Finally, if you are not satisfied with the original handling of the vehicle, you can consider replacing the flat lower than the City Motorcycle tire, for many models, improve the appearance and handling of the vehicle is one of the most effective way to replace the low flat ratio of City Motorcycle tire. Each type of City Motorcycle tire has their specific function, so in the choice of City Motorcycle tire, it should be asked what style City Motorcycle tire suitable for what kind of driving habits, so when the car driving more secure, spend in the City Motorcycle tire money is also worth it more.