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How To Judge The Service Life And Wear Degree Of Solid City Motorcycle Tire
Nov 02, 2017

How to judge the service life and wear degree of solid City Motorcycle tire
In general, the normal use of the City Motorcycle tire life is 4 to 5 years, after 5 years even if the tread wear is also very small and the best replacement, because the tread rubber will be due to aging and aging, and many small The crack is the cause of the puncture.
However, the relevant state departments have not yet on the City Motorcycle tire shelf life to make specific provisions, because according to the City Motorcycle tire rubber formula, car environment and driving habits of different urban motorcycle tire life will be different The So this requires us to drive more than some heart, urban motorcycle tire aging is also a sign. Such as the tread of the aging parts are mostly from the side of the shoulder or shoulder and other edge parts began to appear, long-term sun and rain will make the rubber surface cracks appear small, these cracks show that the City Motorcycle tire bearing capacity And quality have begun to decline, in order to reduce the risk of puncture the best early replacement.
In addition to aging, the City Motorcycle tire are to be naturally worn. So the factory is the City Motorcycle tire in the factory will be marked in the sidewall wear limit, to indicate the City Motorcycle tire real-time wear conditions. And for the absence of wear signs of the City Motorcycle tire we can also use the caliper to measure the general trench depth of less than 1.6 mm City Motorcycle tire can no longer continue to use, because at this time the City Motorcycle tire drainage performance and resistance Bar performance will be significantly reduced. In addition, if a City Motorcycle tire have been repaired three or four times, then we recommend that you better this City Motorcycle tire to non-drive wheels or rear wheels to reduce the risk of puncture.
Of course, the life of urban motorcycle tires and normal use is also a great relationship. First of all, we have to ensure that urban motorcycle tires are always under normal tire pressure, too low or too high urban motorcycle tire pressure will give the City Motorcycle tire safe buried hidden. Need to remind everyone is not to believe that the eyes to see, because most of the cars are now equipped with tubeless low-pressure meridian City Motorcycle tire, sometimes from the outside will feel a bit deflated, but does not mean a certain loss, professional Of the tire pressure instrument is the only way to detect urban motorcycle tire pressure. In addition, the test tire pressure must be cold fetal state, if it is hot tire measurement to be measured value minus 0.3PA accurate.
Solid City Motorcycle tire are an important part, if the process of progress in the process of failure and other shortcomings, then the consequences will be disastrous, can lead to vehicle control, and even difficult to reach the destination. As long as a clear understanding of the City Motorcycle tire are deformed, the performance is declining, you can timely replacement of new City Motorcycle tire, to prevent the emergence of shortcomings.
Real City Motorcycle tire Failure Warning:
1, urban motorcycle tire tread markings depth. The thickness of the tread markings must be greater than 1.6 mm, and if you are often driving on a slippery road with low friction, it is best to ensure that the tread markings are twice the thickness of the above.
2, tread markings wear line. Because the new City Motorcycle tire than the old vintage products more than a humanized planning: tread markings wear line. When the City Motorcycle tire are very new or the degree of wear is very low, these indicators are almost not found, but when the wear reaches a certain degree of these hidden in the tread gully in the indication line is presented.
3, urban motorcycle tire sidewall crack. Because the problems on the City Motorcycle tire are not all set in the tread, the City Motorcycle tire sidewall will also present some shortcomings. After observation to find the City Motorcycle tire on the sidewalls of those visually visible cracks and cut off. These subtle troughs indicate the future of urban motorcycle tires on the possible leakage cracks, worse, and even lead to the burst of urban motorcycle tires, these urban motorcycle tire shortcomings are we try to prevent.
Because the vehicle before the process of showing a certain amount of vibration is not prevent, especially in poor road conditions. With regard to those who already have a certain experience, you can tell yourself how to shake the real City Motorcycle tire in a reasonable range, and how to quiver the vehicle shortcomings.