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Improve The Carrying Performance Of Sports Radial Motorcycle Tire
Sep 11, 2017

Improve the carrying performance of Sports Radial Motorcycle tire
Hardness factor due to Sports Radial Motorcycle tire structural parameters and materials (such as the width of the surface, curvature and skeleton materials, etc.), often lead to differences in ground area. In order to express the bearing performance of Sports Radial Motorcycle tire more precisely, the relationship between ground area, air pressure and load should be established. For this we commonly used hardness coefficient = load / (ground area × air pressure) to represent. Hardness Coefficient The ground load of the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire can be evaluated under the condition of the gravitational area of the plan B program B scheme C.
With the increase of air pressure, the hardness coefficient is gradually reduced. In addition, the hardness coefficient of each stall under 1 times (standard) load is less than 1, when the load increases to 2 times, the standard pressure 810kPa hardness coefficient is greater than 1, indicating that the pressure can not afford all the load. Continue to increase the pressure, hardness coefficient down to less than 1, which means that the load of Sports Radial Motorcycle tire mainly by the pressure to bear.
Two programs tire at 2 times the load under different air pressure coefficient from the table data show that in the standard air pressure (810kPa), the two can not bear the full load by air pressure. The data show that the hardness coefficient of the C program tire is less than the program tire, regardless of the tire pressure, which shows that the C program tire in the load when the tire than the program to play more pressure.
Grounding Coefficient The Grounding Coefficient is the ratio of the long axis to the minor axis of the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire, which indicates the circumference and lateral deformation of the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire. When the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire is subjected to high loads, the long axis changes greatly, and the short axis does not change much. This will cause significant changes in the ratio of long and short axes - the grounding factor.
1. See if the logo is complete. Authentic products of the packaging quality is good, the box on the handwriting clear, overprint colorful. Box, should be marked with product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number, etc., and some manufacturers are still playing their own mark on the accessories. Some important components such as generators, distributors, fuel pumps, etc., are also equipped with instructions, certificates and inspectors to guide the user to use the correct maintenance. Purchase should be carefully identified to prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy products.
2. See whether the geometry of deformation. Some Sports Radial Motorcycle tire is deformed due to manufacturing, transportation, improper storage. Check the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire along the glass plate to see the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire and the glass plate with or without light to determine whether to bend; buy clutch driven plate steel plate or friction plate, Can be steel, friction plate in front of it to observe whether it is warped; in the purchase of oil seal, with the skeleton of the oil seal face should be round, with the plate glass fit without deflection; no skeleton oil seal edge should be correct, With the hand to make it deformed, let go after the original state should be restored. In the purchase of various types of liner, should also pay attention to check the geometric size and shape.
3. to see whether the combination of flat formation. Sports Radial Motorcycle tire in the process of handling, storage, due to vibration, bump, often in the joint parts of the burr, indentation, damage or crack, affecting the use of Sports Radial Motorcycle tire. Purchase should pay attention to check.
4. Look at the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire with or without rust. Qualified Sports Radial Motorcycle tire surface, both a certain degree of precision and polite finish, the more important Sports Radial Motorcycle tire, the higher the precision, the more stringent anti-rust packaging. Purchase should pay attention to check, if found Sports Radial Motorcycle tire has rust spots, mildew spots or rubber pieces crack, loss of elasticity, or journal surface with obvious turning lines, should be replaced.
5. Look at the protective surface is intact. Most Sports Radial Motorcycle tire is coated with a protective layer at the factory. Such as piston pin, bearing with paraffin protection; piston ring, cylinder liner coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper; valves, pistons and other anti-rust oil with plastic bags. If the package is found to be damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, rust-proof oil or paraffin is lost and should be returned.
6. Check the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire. By two or more Sports Radial Motorcycle tire combination of components, Sports Radial Motorcycle tire between the press-fit, gluing or welding, they are not allowed between the loosening phenomenon, such as the pump plunger and the adjustment arm is The clutch plate and the filter paper are made of glue; the wiring of the electrical equipment is the same as that of the paper. The clutch and the steel are riveted, the friction plate and the steel piece are riveted or glued; Made of welding. If you find a loose, should be replaced.