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Increase The Development Of Motorcycle Radial Tire Industry, Macro - Control Efforts
Sep 11, 2017

Increase the development of Motorcycle Radial Tire industry, macro - control efforts
We have a power input in the transformer side of a power supply, theoretically in the secondary output power and the original input power of the same size. In the transformer primary and secondary side has such a relationship: that is, in the transformer side of the original input of a high voltage and a small current power supply, the secondary side will get a low voltage high current power of the same power. Therefore, as long as the primary control of the input voltage can control the size of the secondary side of the current size, Motorcycle Radial Tire it can control the temperature of the wire heating.
As in the production process, the speed of traction wire is not always keep constant speed, when the fast, sometimes stop, requiring the wire drawing speed changes, the timely adjustment of the size of the control current, so that the temperature of the wire to meet the technological requirements, Energy saving. In order to facilitate the precise control of the wire heating temperature, can be used "automatic tracking thermostat" device, so that the entire heating system into a closed-loop system to improve the stability of the temperature. We will discuss the thyristor converter technology to control the size of the thyristor output current, to achieve the purpose of controlling the heating temperature of the wire. This is also a more feasible method. Two methods to adjust the current, the method of adjusting the current with a transformer is relatively simple; thyristor to adjust the current method is more complex, cost higher than the transformer adjustment method. The two methods are based on the use of the specific circumstances. And increase the development of the Motorcycle Radial Tire industry, macro control efforts, or not only the Chinese Motorcycle Radial Tire market will inevitably gradually be some of the strength of the brand well-known joint venture and wholly-owned enterprises of the product eroded, and these manufacturers will use China's Motorcycle Radial Tire production costs low favorable factors in this large-scale production for the export of Motorcycle Radial Tires, which will undoubtedly affect the domestic enterprises in the future development of Motorcycle Radial Tire exports. In this regard, we should be fully thought, and as soon as possible to take effective measures, or will lose the opportunity for the development of great regret.
This year in March, China Rubber Industry Association released the first green Motorcycle Radial Tire self-discipline standard "green Motorcycle Radial Tire technical specifications" began trial. The specification proposed clean production technical indicators, water pollutants and air pollutant emission limits, recommended 18 green Motorcycle Radial Tire production process.
China Rubber Industry Association Technical and Economic Committee Director Zhu Hong recently in the interpretation of "green Motorcycle Radial Tire technical specifications" pointed out that the "norm" for the development of the upcoming Chinese Motorcycle Radial Tire classification and labeling law laid the technical foundation.
Zhu Hong revealed that a number of Motorcycle Radial Tire industry environmental standards development work is ongoing.
"Motorcycle tire industry cleaner production evaluation index system," the preparation of the report will be completed in October this year, the National Development and Reform Commission will be released in the entire industry after the implementation of the "green Motorcycle Radial Tire technical specifications" during the trial of all aspects of the collection and summary November to complete and put forward the views and suggestions to continue to improve the "green Motorcycle Radial Tire technical specifications"; green raw materials guide the preparation of the work done in December, while the release of environmental protection raw materials guide; green Motorcycle Radial Tire labeling system related products technical indicators, Classification standards, test methods and related procedures documents, indoor and outdoor laboratory certification and other relevant documents will be completed by the end of 2015.
It is understood that, in addition to the Motorcycle Radial Tire industry, the rubber industry in other sub-sectors have also been included in the "environmentally friendly renewable rubber" Association of self-discipline standards.
China Rubber Industry Association Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch Secretary-General Cao Qingxin told the author, in early August, the association according to the regional division, the organization of more than 10 recycled rubber production enterprises to the oil and chemical industry rubber and renewable products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to provide recycled plastic samples (PAHs) content of the limits of the requirements of the gap, and then refer to the "renewable rubber industry, the level of clean production evaluation" content, to seek the views of the industry.