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Knowledge Of Sports Radial Motorcycle Tire Models (detailed) Worth A Visit
Aug 09, 2017

Knowledge of Sports Radial Motorcycle tire models (detailed) worth a visit
The first part of the basic knowledge of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires
First, the basic knowledge of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires
     Since your car, the manufacturers on the provisions of the nature of the tire, diameter, wheel rim size. But the tires are consumables, as long as the wheels began to wear on it, the speed of wear and many factors. The life of the same tire varies depending on the road surface, the load, the driving technology, the maintenance and maintenance level. Therefore, when the tire to a certain mileage, it should be replaced. Usually, the tire groove should not be less than 2mm, otherwise, because of its poor grip caused by slippage in the corners, there may be high-speed driving and other dangerous accidents occurred. These are related to the safety of the driver's life, it should be highly valued.
If you want to be roughly classified tires, it can be divided into inner tire and tubeless tires (usually repair the master said the vacuum tire) two. The principle of tubeless tires is to keep the air in the inner tube, does not require precise contact between the tire and the rim. Even if the air pressure is low, do not worry about the tire will fall off from the wheel, resulting in leakage of the situation. Therefore, there are tube tires are widely used in the use of rims and wire off-road vehicles and American street car. Tubeless tires, the principle is the use of steel rim (rim) of the rim and the tire edge of the special structure, the air sealed in the carcass. This kind of tires even if the foreign body stabbed, the air will not immediately disappear, and the tire repair is also very convenient, so very popular with friends. In recent years, tubeless tires have been gradually used in the ordinary motorcycle. It can be seen that the two types of tires have their own strengths.
Normally, qualified tires are marked with specifications, maximum load, inflatable internal pressure, standard rims and trademark names and directions. Such as the tire is marked with 90 / 90-18 51S, where the first 90 represents the width of 90mm; "/" after 90 that flat ratio (%), that is, the height of 90% of the width; 18 indicates that the inner diameter of the tire is 18 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), and some tires do not indicate a flat ratio, then the flat ratio is 100%, that is, the width is equal to the height *.
Second, the purchase of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires
      As the Sports Radial Motorcycle tires are consumables, therefore, the replacement of tires for the Mo friends has long been commonplace. As the front and rear wheels of the different force, the rear wheel wear is always greater than the front wheel. Generally for the two tires before they need to change a front tire, or for a few inner tube before they need to change a tires. So, how to buy a qualified tires? Perhaps face the motorcycle with a wide variety of tires you can not start.
When selecting tires, the specifications must not be wrong, even if the tire width is narrow, the specification can be used, but if the specifications are wrong, or not installed, or installed too loose can not be used. Does this cause unnecessary economic losses. To determine the correct specifications, you should consider the width of the tire, the author believes that if the economy allows, try to buy a wide range of tires, because the wide tires and the ground contact surface, grip like, so that can Good drive force and braking force, so that the engine performance to play well, improve driving stability, comfort and safety. And finally have to look at tread, and tread is still an important indicator of the performance of the tire, tread shape determines its drainage and discharge of other debris capacity, but also affected its grip performance. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate tread. The same specifications of the tires there are dozens of tread, the general should be based on the actual situation of Mo Friends to choose the appropriate tread. If you often in the mountains or mud road, snow, ice and other roads on the road, you should choose off-road wide tibial groove and deep tread pattern tires, because the tires deep and wide, in the wheels of the turn, Due to the role of centrifugal force to facilitate the row of water and other debris, so that tires better contact with the ground. If you often travel on the road, you should choose the tibia close some, such as ring, arrow and so on. This tire on the road when driving with the ground contact surface, can make driving more than other tires safe. Good condition of the Friends of the United States can choose high grip tires, although this tire wear rate is high, but it is a good performance is good tire, whether it is drainage, or adhesion are very good, is a Safety tires.