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2018 BMW K 1600 B First Ride Review
Aug 29, 2017

1. Three riding modes dictate ABS, throttle response, and traction control settings. Dynamic, Road, and Rain control the levels of intervention regarding all electronic aides. Dynamic offers the most aggressive throttle response and least intervention, while Rain predictably provides the most relaxed throttle response, combined with the most intrusive ABS and TC. Road is a happy medium.

2. The 2018 BMW K 1600 B might be labeled as a Bagger but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ridden with zest. With a substantial 63.7-inch wheelbase and cast aluminum 17-inch wheels, the Bavarian Bagger is an extremely intuitive machine. In fact, that is easily one of its greatest strengths against its competitors. The subtlest suggestion will allow the rider to tip in and maintain a line with the utmost confidence, making its claimed 741-pound curb weight seem like an error on the specification sheet.

3. Don’t worry about wind protection, the K 1600 B has you covered. Featuring an adjustable windscreen, the K 1600 B has a high level of shelter from the wind, whether the windscreen is in the up or down position. When traveling down the highway with the windscreen up, there is little wind buffeting, helping you keep focus on longer trips. Additionally, winglets on the upper portion of the fairing can be adjusted to direct air towards the rider, which does help a bit in hot weather—I certainly experienced that in the summer Carolinian heat.