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Motorcycle Radial Tire Maintenance Knowledge
Jul 31, 2017

Motorcycle Radial Tire maintenance knowledge
Motorcycle Radial Tires are one of the important parts of the walking system. The role of the Motorcycle Radial Tire is: direct contact with the road, the weight of the body; the use of its inflatable after the elastic, ease and part of the absorption due to road caused by uneven Vibration and shock; to ensure that the vehicle driving a reliable adhesion and not to slip.
  Motorcycle Radial Tire maintenance and maintenance of the main points are:
  1. Keep the Motorcycle Radial Tire with a certain inflatable pressure Motorcycle Radial Tire inflatable pressure appropriate, can make the motorcycle has the greatest traction, stability, driving comfort and long service life. Motorcycle Radial Tire pressure is not only increased driving resistance, increase the engine load and fuel consumption, and sometimes also make Motorcycle Radial Tires off from the rim. While the Motorcycle Radial Tire pressure over the General Assembly to reduce the stability of the motorcycle, the use of driving in the "jump" feeling.
  2. Keep the Motorcycle Radial Tire intact and tread clean Every time after the car is better to check the tires before and after the Motorcycle Radial Tires, remove the small stones embedded in the pattern and other foreign body. If you find a small nail and small iron, you should immediately remove, and carefully check the inner tube is punctured.
3. Motorcycle Radial Tires generally should not be repaired, because the heat after the tread is higher than the other parts, the car will be up and down bumps. Repair the inner tube is best to use the method of fire, in the absence of fire fill materials and fixtures, can also be used with plastic fill cold fill.
4. If you often pass unclean sections, the road often scattered scattered iron and broken glass, in order to prevent the inner tube can not be broken, can be equipped with a set of special tools, they are: pry bar two, small cylinder One, a small folding cut, with a glue with a tube, make up the number of placenta.
5. The replacement of the inner tube mainly depends on the degree of aging and intactness. Although the inner tube was patched, but its reliability and no tie through the intact inner tube, has been greatly reduced. Generally used for one year's inner tube or has been running more than eight thousand kilometers of the inner tube, that should consider replacing the new tire. Replace the new tube, it is best in its outer surface slightly coated with a thin layer of talcum powder, and then into the tire to make, so you can prevent the inner tube aging and adhesion with the tire.
  6. to avoid sun exposure and contaminated oil often exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet light will make Motorcycle Radial Tires dry, aging, it is best to stop the motorcycle in the dust, sun, rain ventilation, or to the car cover It is not only for Motorcycle Radial Tires, but also on the car paint, plating, plastic parts will play a protective role. Now the market can buy a Motorcycle Radial Tire curing agent, it is easy to use, spray on a layer on the line. Conditional friends can try, the protection of Motorcycle Radial Tires is very large, especially anti-UV, to prevent the aging of rubber. Oil, acid and alkali on the rubber corrosion, and therefore should avoid Motorcycle Radial Tires with these things contact. Long-term car is not the best to use the wooden frame to take up, to prevent a long section of the Motorcycle Radial Tire weight, causing deformation.

  7. A tire pressure gauge tire tire measurement table is indispensable, the table can be divided into several, mechanical, with oil-shaped needle, as well as the pressure of the top and so on. Which is the most accurate and longevity of the oil, the price is also the most expensive There are some electronic LCD display, the price is not very expensive, the index is also very easy to read, just buy back the best and advanced indicators on the pair, to see if the value is consistent, consistent with the future is the most convenient one Tire pressure table; but also pay attention to the table battery power, once the lack of electricity, will cause the reading is not accurate.

  Read the above description, your Motorcycle Radial Tire maintenance methods must have a better understanding of it, if you are interested in our company's products, welcome your visit guidance.