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Motorcycle Radial Tire Mold Is Unstoppable
Aug 18, 2017

Motorcycle Radial Tire mold is unstoppable
    Motorcycle Radial Tire mold industry as a Motorcycle Radial Tire industry upstream industry, inevitably with the highway, automobile and Motorcycle Radial Tire industry is closely linked.
      With the continuous development of the world's auto industry and the rapid growth of global highways. More and more types of cars, driving faster and faster, so the quality of the Motorcycle Radial Tire mold is more and more stringent. At present, China is the world's largest Motorcycle Radial Tire manufacturing country.
     Motorcycle Radial Tire mold is an important tool in the process of vulcanization of Motorcycle Radial Tires, which directly affects the external beauty and intrinsic quality of Motorcycle Radial Tires, and even the life and driving safety and comfort. The varieties include, Mold, two halves mold (including the oblique tire half mold and radial tire half mold). Capsule mold and forming drum (forming head) four categories and so on. In recent years, the rapid development of molds, especially large, sophisticated, complex and long life in the high-end mold development faster than the general mold products; professional mold factory and its production capacity increased rapidly, well-equipped and management of digital have greater progress ; "Three capital" and the rapid development of private enterprises; joint-stock reform to accelerate the pace.
      In recent years, the production scale of enterprises, technical level, a considerable part of the alternative imports, but the Motorcycle Radial Tire business and mold accuracy, quality, And world-class level there is a big gap, and the mold between the market competition is intensifying.
      International professional Motorcycle Radial Tire mold manufacturing company for the majority of family-owned enterprises, the scale of production are not large, there is no plan to enter the Chinese market, such as the German company and Herbert and so on. But South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other places have been part of the Motorcycle Radial Tire mold factory in mainland China to set up factories, these companies are relatively small, the production of a small number of Motorcycle Radial Tire mold, but some of the higher technology companies, products have entered Korea, Japan and other countries in the Chinese mainland Motorcycle Radial Tire factory.
   Farmers friends, we buy a pair of shoes but also "cargo than three" carefully selected it! Moreover, the price of the vehicle price of about 20% of the Motorcycle Radial Tires. Buy Motorcycle Radial Tires great knowledge, now please understand that you teach you the correct way to buy Motorcycle Radial Tires.
    One to choose the motorcycle type tire
China's current Motorcycle Radial Tires and more to the Motorcycle Radial Tire diameter, rim diameter, Motorcycle Radial Tire cross-section width of the nominal size to represent. Motorcycle Radial Tire cord material is nylon (code N), rayon (code R), wire (code G), cotton cord (code M) and so on. Select the Motorcycle Radial Tires, on the one hand the Motorcycle Radial Tire specifications should be consistent with their own models, on the other hand should pay attention to the number of Motorcycle Radial Tires and cord material types. General Motorcycle Radial Tires more heat the worse, should be based on vehicle selection. The same axle Motorcycle Radial Tires should be the same level of the same material with the same product manufacturers, so as not to wear uneven Motorcycle Radial Tires. Second, look at the Motorcycle Radial Tire logo
When you purchase, you should carefully check the surface of the Motorcycle Radial Tire surface specifications, factory name or site, trademark and level, production number and Motorcycle Radial Tire skeleton material, structural code, standard rim and inspection seal, if the above content clearly, The description is produced by regular manufacturers. But should also pay attention to check the new tires (there are clear clear out of the box line) or refurbished tires, repair tires
Three to check the Motorcycle Radial Tire quality
Carefully check the appearance of Motorcycle Radial Tires whether the bubble, tumor, Motorcycle Radial Tires appearance and the inner wall with or without deformation or sharp scratches, tread parts of whether the delamination, sidewall with or without furrows, pattern is dislocation; Press the tire around the tire around the inner and outer walls, check the sidewall cords are uniform, with a wireless head, wire exposed, rubber with or without obvious convex; hand pull the box rubber nail to see if the elastic and difficult to pull Off; check the inner tube with or without deformation of the valve, the valve thread with or without slip.