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Motorcycle Radial Tire On The Speed Level Code And Load Quality Indicators
Jun 22, 2017

Motorcycle Radial Tire on the speed level code and load quality indicators
 Each tire has a set of mixed numbers consisting of numbers and letters, such as 185 / 70R13 88H, 185R14 90S, etc., where "88H" and "90S" are the mass of the tire And speed level. "88, 90" is the load code, "H, S" is the speed level code.
    Because each tire in the production process, are in strict accordance with the tire of the fixed technical indicators of the design and production, therefore, its load quality and speed level has its critical limit. In the design and production process not only to consider each part of the rubber formula, but also to consider the crown of the pattern and pattern of the depth of the crown and sidewall materials and layers, but also consider the heating, cooling and other complex factors The Therefore, the tire on the marked load quality and speed level is the tire of the highest load quality and maximum speed level. In the use of tires, it is best not to exceed its maximum, otherwise, will reduce the tire life, serious occurrence of malignant burst tire rollover accident.
    The mass of the load on the tire and the speed of the product called "the amount of work" that is: the amount of work = mass (W) x speed (S)
    Motorcycle Radial Tire From this formula can be seen, the objective factors affect the discharge, under normal circumstances the tire workload is fixed, such as: 185 / 70R13 88H tires, its workload = 560 (kg) × 210 (km / h) = 117600. If it's slower, then its load can be increased, and if its load is smaller, its speed can be faster. However, the experience shows that the tire speed of 40km / h or less, the tire load can be increased accordingly, when the tire speed exceeds 100km / h, the load should be reduced accordingly. In short, the speed level on the tire and load quality indicators, for the tire is very important, ignore it or not according to the provisions of the use of indicators, will cause adverse effects, serious vicious accidents occur, so the majority of drivers must understand this Aspects of knowledge, and in strict accordance with the indicators on the use of tires to prevent the occurrence of the accident.
  Motorcycle Radial Tire Tire wear, but also very heartache thing, a good tire, both sides of the pattern has not been grinding, but the middle of the crown has been polished, can not continue to use, resulting in economic losses. There are a lot of drivers feel inexplicable, how can the middle of the tire was polished? No matter how the turn, no matter how brakes, and no matter what kind of road driving, should also be tires on both sides of the wear and tear, and should not be the middle of the tire was worn. In fact, the main reason for the middle of the crown or because of air pressure, but not because of lack of pressure, but because of excessive pressure caused by.
    Motorcycle Radial Tire Tire pressure is too fast, will make the middle part of the crown protruding, so ahead of contact with the ground, it is like a carpenter with a plane planing wood, the protruding part of the plan must go. Tires are the same, when the tire is inflated too much, the middle of the crown will protrude (jargon also called spire) when the tire in the driving, the first is the crown of the crown and the ground contact, the largest force, so wear the fastest , So that when the shoulder portion of the tire has not yet worn, the intermediate portion of the tire crown has been polished, resulting in a significant loss of the tire