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Motorex Success At Dakar Rally 2017
Jan 19, 2017

Motorex Lyndon Poskitt and Sam Sunderland success at 2017 Dakar Rally

Photo Courtesy of Motorex

Lyndon Poskitt and Sam Sunderland both had successful runs at the 2017 Dakar Rally.

Both Sam Sunderland, the winner of the 2017 Dakar Rally, and Lyndon Poskitt, second-place finisher in the Malle Moto class, share not only a homeland, KTMs and the feeling of racing success, they also both race with Motorex oils. On his near-series KTM 450 Rally, provided by Motorex, Poskitt recognized the 100th anniversary of Motorex with the 100 number plate and green paint job.

Poskitt and other racers in the Malle Moto class come head to head in the competition without the benefits of a service team, meaning they are left to their own devices while on the move. This year is considered the toughest Dakars of all times, but Poskitt persevered and made it to an impressive 2nd place.

2017 Dakar Rally Motorex success

Photo Courtesy of Motorex

The various landscapes and conditions made this year's Dakar Rally challenging.

“It was the most brutal thing I ever did,” the 38-year-old motorcycle adventurer admits. From January 2 to 14, the Rally covered a total distance of over 5,500 miles, all the way between Asunción in Paraguay and Buenos Aires in Argentina. “And we experienced everything you can imagine: sweltering heat and icy cold, sand and mud, ice and snow, stages of more than 600 miles! Never in my life have I crashed this often!“ But the plucky Brit survived all these trials with only minor injuries, just like his bike, and clawed his way to a sensational second from an initial fifth place among a total of twelve “Malle Moto” riders who made it to the finish line. Overall, Poskitt came in 39th in a grid of initially 167 competitors.

Lyndon Poskitt finishes 2nd in Malle Moto Class at 2017 Dakar Rally

Photo Courtesy of Motorex

Poskitt swooped in and took second in the Malle Moto class which was a great way to nod to Motorex's 100th anniversary.

“We are very happy”, comments Edi Fischer, CEO of the Bucher MOTOREX group. “After all, this result is not only proof of Lyndon’s staying power but also of the merits of MOTOREX lubricants, even under the harshest conditions. I could not wish for a nicer present to commemorate the 100th birthday of MOTOREX.”