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Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire Mixing Process
Oct 20, 2017

Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire mixing process
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tires must have no stranger, but also know its use, so solid Motorcycle Radial Tire refining process we do not know whether to understand it? If you do not understand it does not matter, then Xiaobian to tell you about!
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire tanning process is the carbon black, natural / synthetic rubber, oil, additives, accelerators and other raw materials mixed together in the mixer for processing, to produce a "all kinds of raw materials Before entering the mixer, the test must be carried out before being released. The weight of the mixer is about 250 kg. The weight of each rubber part used in solid Motorcycle Radial Tires is specific performance The composition of the compound depends on the performance requirements of the Motorcycle Radial Tire, while the change in the composition of the compound also depends on the matching manufacturers and the market demand, these needs mainly from the traction, driving performance, road conditions and Motorcycle Radial Tires themselves All of the compounds are tested before they are allowed to proceed to the next process - the parts preparation process, before being released.
The following Xiaobian said that the installation of solid tires precautions, inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tire rims solid tire and the corresponding inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tire rims can be used interchangeably. However, the handling of the solid tire rims is required to be accomplished with a tool (tooling) on the press. To ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation process, the following rules should be followed:
1, Motorcycle Radial Tires, rims check.
First check the Motorcycle Radial Tire and rim fit, that is, to install the Motorcycle Radial Tire specifications model is the same with the rim model. The size of the rims used in the specifications of the Motorcycle Radial Tires is different, and the installation should be confirmed first. The rims include rims with or without defects, with or without burrs. If the burr, first polished flat, or easy to hurt the Motorcycle Radial Tire hub, affecting the installation and use.
2, in order to ensure that Motorcycle Radial Tires can be successfully installed in place to reduce the friction between the rims, the installation of Motorcycle Radial Tires and the outer surface of the rim to be sprayed, coated with lubricants, lubricants can choose commonly used soapy water, Pink water, etc., conditional available Motorcycle Radial Tire dedicated lubricant, but must not use grease and other industrial lubricants commonly used, because they will swell rubber, damage to Motorcycle Radial Tires.
3, the Motorcycle Radial Tire to the rim when placed flat, not skewed, otherwise the installation is difficult, when used to swing around, the rim must be installed in place, the bolt must be tightened, or easy to slide or Motorcycle Radial Tire rim separation Cause danger.
4, according to ETRTOEDI standard requirements, Motorcycle Radial Tires loaded into the car, must be concentric. Different specifications manufacturers and wear different Motorcycle Radial Tires can not be installed on the same car or the same axis, not with the inflatable tire mixed, or easy to cause personal, equipment accidents.
Zhan Tire is a very common solid Motorcycle Radial Tire problems, but sometimes nail into the tires did not pull out, simply constitute a leak, the general owners of the simple negligence of this problem, but so let the Motorcycle Radial Tire leaks not to repair The words will become a security risk. You need the owner of the Motorcycle Radial Tires for self-test, early detection of the problem.
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tires leaked self-test method:
1, was nails and other foreign body bar
Motorcycle Radial Tires are the most common damage caused by foreign body puncture, including screws, nails, wire, glass fragments and so on. These sharp things if the tie of the wound will form a small leak of Motorcycle Radial Tires. At this time only need to carefully investigate the Motorcycle Radial Tires can be found in the appearance of foreign body, if the hiding more deep, we can sprinkle some water in the Motorcycle Radial Tires, broken local there will be bubbling, and even discouraged sound The
2, Motorcycle Radial Tire side of the damaged
If the owner does not pay attention when parking, Motorcycle Radial Tires may rub rub to the road teeth, rub more times the number of Motorcycle Radial Tires will be formed on the side of the damaged, constitute a leak. But also the formation of Motorcycle Radial Tire drum package, add the risk of puncture. And Motorcycle Radial Tires next to the side of the damaged words can be directly seen, if the damage or drum package, be sure to replace the new Motorcycle Radial Tires as soon as possible.