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Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire What Are The Warnings Before Scrapping?
Oct 11, 2017

Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire is an important part, if the process of progress in the process of failure and other shortcomings, then the consequences will be disastrous, can lead to vehicle control, and even difficult to reach the destination. As long as you have a clear understanding of whether the Motorcycle Radial Tire is deformed or not, it will be possible to replace the new Motorcycle Radial Tire in time to prevent the occurrence of defects.
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire's failure omen:
1, Motorcycle Radial Tire tread markings depth. The thickness of the tread markings must be greater than 1.6 mm, and if you are often driving on a slippery road with low friction, it is best to ensure that the tread markings are twice the thickness of the above. Can buy a meter to measure the thickness of the tread markings, but also be able to use a dollar coin, along the top edge of the national flag into the tread gully, because the coin margin to the top of the national emblem interval between 1 to 2 mm, so If at this time can also see the entire national emblem logo, to clarify the tread markings are now lacking.
2, tread markings wear line. Because the new Motorcycle Radial Tire than the old-fashioned products in the past a more humane planning: tread markings wear line. When the Motorcycle Radial Tire is very new or the degree of wear is very low, these indicators are almost not found, but when the wear reaches a certain degree of these hidden in the tread gully in the indicator line is presented.
3, Motorcycle Radial Tire Side wall crack. Because the problems on the Motorcycle Radial Tire are not all on the tread, the Motorcycle Radial Tire sidewall also presents some drawbacks. After looking at the motorcycle Radial Tire on the sidewalls of those visually visible cracks and cut off. These subtle troughs indicate the possible leaks on the future of the Motorcycle Radial Tire, and even worse, the bursting of the Motorcycle Radial Tire, which is what we are trying to prevent.
Because the vehicle before the process of showing a certain amount of vibration is not prevent, especially in poor road conditions. With regard to those who already have a certain experience, you can tell yourself how to shake the actual motorcycle Radial Tire how to tremble within a reasonable range, and how to shake the vehicle out of the shortcomings.
The following Xiaobian said that the installation of solid tires precautions, inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tire rims solid tires and the corresponding inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tire rims are interchangeable. However, the handling of the solid tire rims is required to be accomplished with a tool (tooling) on the press. To ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation process, the following rules should be followed:
1, Motorcycle Radial Tire, rim check.
First check the motorcycle Radial Tire and the rim of the fit, that is, to install the Motorcycle Radial Tire specifications are the same model with the rim. The size of the rims used in the same version of the Motorcycle Radial Tire is different and must be confirmed first when installed. The rims include rims with or without defects, with or without burrs. If the burr, first polished flat, or easy to hurt the motorcycle Radial Tire hub, affecting the installation and use.
2, to ensure that the Motorcycle Radial Tire can be successfully installed in place to reduce the friction between the rim, the installation, Motorcycle Radial Tire hub and the outer surface of the rim to be sprayed, coated with lubricants, lubricants can choose commonly used soapy water, Pink water, etc., the conditions available Motorcycle Radial Tire special lubricants, but must not use oil and other industries commonly used lubricants, etc., because they will swell rubber, damage Motorcycle Radial Tire.
3, Motorcycle Radial Tire to the rim when placed flat, not skewed, otherwise the installation is difficult, when used to swing around, the rim must be installed in place, the bolt must be tightened, otherwise easy to slide or Motorcycle Radial Tire rim separation Cause danger.
4, according to ETRTOEDI standard requirements, Motorcycle Radial Tire installed on the car, must be concentric. Different specifications manufacturers and wear different Motorcycle Radial Tire can not be installed on the same car or the same axis, not with the inflatable tire mixed, or easy to cause personal, equipment accidents.
Are you sure about the precautions about solid tire installation? Motorcycle Radial Tire industry will be more and more progress, to create a more practical and safe new generation of solid motorcycle Radial Tire, if you want to get more solid tire information, please also pay attention to the latest developments in our website.