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Sports Radial Motorcycle Tire Appear Scratch Their Own Hands Can Be Repaired
Jun 14, 2017

Sports Radial Motorcycle tire appear scratch their own hands can be repaired

When we have a slight scratch on their own tires so that they can do the repair:

Step 1: Clean the wheels. We can use paint diluent, wipe the scar around, remove the dirt. The deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove the dirt, then you can use a toothpick to clean it thoroughly. At the time of cleaning up, in order to prevent the wrong part of the paint, it is best to carefully paste the tape around the scar.

The second step: the owner finishing the brush tip, in the damaged place to the wheel coated with paint, and then dry paint, painted slightly in the paint some, easy to observe the owner.

The third step: the owner and other decorative paint completely dry, with water-resistant paper dipped in soapy water to make the surface smooth. Then use a mixture to wipe the light, and finally hit the wax.

Step 4: If the owner found a deep scar on the hub, and must observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if you can not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on coating modified paint. With the pen tip a little bit up, and then the paint is completely dry. If you find exposed metal, it is best to replace.

Now many people in the car, will feel Sports Radial Motorcycle tire and noise between the ground, which is the so-called fetal noise. In fact, there are many reasons for fetal noise.

The roughness of the road, the pavement structure and the pavement material are the factors that affect the size of the noise of the sport radial motorcycle tire. In addition, the width of sports radial tire tires and wheels also constrain the difficulty of noise reduction, wide Sports Radial Motorcycle tire due to the wider support of the noise will become larger, compared to those of the narrow size of the sports trails To motorcycle tires, wide Sports Radial Motorcycle tire will squeeze more air and push more "air mass" to produce vibrations.

And for the engine front of the car, sitting in the rear passengers will be more aware of the sports radial motorcycle tire rolling noise, because the rear of the body by the engine noise and wind noise is relatively small, at this time, It will be highlighted, so when we judge the situation of fetal noise, most of the choice of sitting in the back row for screening.

Car is to rely on Sports Radial Motorcycle tire and ground contact, Sports Radial Motorcycle tire are responsible for the bearing, acceleration, deceleration, steering, and steering function, each kind of function and its rubber and asphalt surface friction is closely related, That is, our so-called grip, of course, the greater the better grip, but the world is not eat lunch, the better the grip of the tire, usually using a special rubber formula or large area of the block reached, the price is high , Relative to the fuel consumption of noise and other side effects will be accompanied by the occurrence.

In order to reduce costs, unless the performance of high-performance cars, performance is usually just easy to use it, smart consumers should know how to choose a suit for their own car, and there are too many reasons for consumers to dig Out of the yuan before the expense of thinking.