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Sep 11, 2018


The KINGTYRE SLICK was designed as a track only tyre more for the track day rider than the pro racer. The goal was to provide grip enough for the track day rider to push their personal best and durability enough to last more than one track day.

In terms of feel, the tyres are, well, good. They maintain well under hard braking, they turn in well and the grip would probably be overcome by only top racers. The rear tyre is truly brilliant. I would rate it among some of the most established brands in the business.

What’s more is that we did roughly four sessions on the tyres around Phakisa. This is quite a task in itself, as anyone who has spent time at Phakisa would know. we once put a soft race tyre on the rear of his ZX-10R, and the tread was completely finished after five laps – no jokes.

At the end of four sessions, mostly riding hard, KINGTYRE SLICK tyres were worn, but there were still a good chunk of the wear tells to be seen and therefore a good deal of riding still available. At another track, they would’ve still largely been new. With that in mind, the goal of achieving more than one track day on a set of tyres seems to have been well met.

So here we have it – KINGTYRE SLICK set out to design a track day tyre that had enough grip for even A-group riders to achieve their PBs, tick. They wanted them to have the longevity to last more than one track day, tick. 



There we have it, ladies and gentlemen – a tyre that was developed by KINGTYRE that truly works. This set, the 180/120 combo, is going into production as we speak, and KINGTYRE is busy with the final development of a 200/120 combo also. That should be really good.