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The Correct Use And Maintenance Of City Motorcycle Tire Without Inner Tyre
Jul 18, 2017

The correct use and maintenance of City Motorcycle tire without inner tyre

The non-inner City Motorcycle tire (commonly known as hollow City Motorcycle tire) is widely used in the new type of domestic cars and imported automobiles. Due to the lack of understanding of its structure and performance, early wear and early damage are commonly found in the use. The key to prolong its service life, proper use and maintenance.

1. The advantages of non-inner tyre City Motorcycle tire

(1) good air tightness. There is a layer of airtight layer in the inner tyre City Motorcycle tire, which is made of special butyl rubber mixture. The outer layer of the tyre is attached to the rubber seal layer, which is 2-3mm thick, which is specially used to seal the air. When the tyre of the city motorcycle is under the pressure of inflating pressure, the tire and rim are pressed together to keep the seal.

(2) low working temperature. Because there is no friction between the inner and outer tire, and can heat directly from the rim, the temperature is low, the wearability is strong, and the service life is long.

(3) the structure is simple and saves the inner tube and tire belt, which is conducive to the light weight of the vehicle.

(4) it has certain security and convenience. An inner-City Motorcycle tire only fails when it is blasting. When pierced by foreign objects, the air pressure won't disappear quickly, at least for a few decades, but it can be avoided.

2. Problems existing in the use and maintenance of City Motorcycle tire without inner tubes

(1) driving is a common City Motorcycle tire. It is very easy to distort the fast cars, abrupt turn, emergency braking, and random use of urban City Motorcycle tire to impact obstacles.

(2) it is not inflated by standard air pressure. No inner tyre City Motorcycle tire is strict in air pressure, which is often not noticed in actual use. City Motorcycle tire pressure by the senses to the judgement, and don't use the barometer to measure, in urban driving City Motorcycle tire in non-standard pressure for a long time, make its life expectancy, the serious make motorcycle tyre scrap.

(3) blind addition of inner tube. Because of motorcycle tire tubeless city there are deviations in understanding the structure, performance, that City Motorcycle tire often lack of gas is caused by tubeless, therefore, is to add tube to compensate, actually this is wrong. After adding inner tube, the inner tues between friction, heat and not easy to send out, the working temperature, City Motorcycle tire abrasion resistance, greatly shrink short service life, serious still can cause blowout malignant accidents, it is extremely dangerous for speeding cars.

(4) without special tool operation, it is easy to create uneven or tire ring on rim edge, leading to leakage or slow leakage.

(5) the urban motorcycle tire will not be replaced permanently. Most drivers to the transposition meaning understanding is not enough, afraid of trouble, unwilling to transposition or just the local transposition of the individual, to reach the ideal effect of transposition, making individual cities City Motorcycle tire can't use.

3. Correct use and maintenance of City Motorcycle tire without inner tyre

(1) raise awareness. Motorcycle tire tubeless city in our country is still in the early use of the advantages of it is not enough to know, still use the traditional ideas about it, it not only shorten its service life, and hinder the give full play to its superior performance.

(2) strict inflation standard. Strictly standard inflation is the key to prolong its service life. The tyre pressure above the standard will cause the tyre of the City Motorcycle tire to lose its flexibility, the cushioning performance will be damaged, the traffic will be increased and the braking performance will be worse. Is a very dangerous City Motorcycle tire pressure is lower than the standard (city City Motorcycle tire under-inflated phenomenon is common at present, it is prompted the city the main reason of early damage of the motorcycle tyre). Because under the same pressure, the radial distortion of motorcycle tire tubeless city is three times more than ordinary City Motorcycle tire, such large deformation will make bead damage and buffer layer edge off, serious when, fast City Motorcycle tire scrap.

(3) check for air pressure and gas. City Motorcycle tire, is not absolute sealed, even in the city of City Motorcycle tire and qimenxin intact circumstances, would slow to a flat, therefore, must be frequently ZhaQin fill. The usual car should check the air pressure before leaving the car, stopping and receiving the car. The inspection after the closing of the car should be measured with a barometer after the urban motorcycle tire has been lowered to normal temperature. Urban motorcycle tire gauge should be checked regularly to avoid excessive error. In order to reduce the air leakage, the valve must be equipped with the valve cap to protect the valve.

(4) driving correctly. Correct driving has a decisive effect on the life span of City Motorcycle tire without inner tyre. Sharp turns, frequent emergency braking, poor choice of roads, and obstructions on the road are all factors that make up the damage of urban motorcycle tyres and cannot be ignored. Keeping the car in the middle of the road reduces the temperature of the city's City Motorcycle tire and extends the service life. According to the information, the speed of the car will be reduced by 15 per cent when the speed is from medium to high speed.

(5) the use of special tools to remove tyres for urban motorcycles. City City Motorcycle tire need to be repaired, it is best to have special tools to repair. It's also worth paying more, because it costs hundreds of dollars to damage a city's City Motorcycle tire. Also note that the tyres should be marked before they are removed so that they can be assembled in the same direction.

(6) proper selection and installation. In the same car use type, pattern and the same City Motorcycle tire. Make it reasonably bear the load and achieve uniform wear. Any mixing, in use not only will accelerate the City Motorcycle tire damage, but also will increase the wear and fuel consumption of the transmission.

(7) regular urban motorcycle tire replacement. After certain mileage, different parts of the City Motorcycle tire will show different degrees of fatigue and wear, so the City Motorcycle tire replacement must be carried out. For vehicles that are frequently used on larger arched roads, a crossover method is recommended. For vehicles that regularly travel on a relatively flat road, a cyclic replacement method is recommended.