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The Future Seven Trends Of China's Sports Radial Motorcycle Tire Industry
Jul 07, 2017

The future seven trends of China's Sports Radial Motorcycle tire industry

The surge in domestic car sales has led to a new round of car reshuffling of car sports. Now domestic sports radial tire market has become a major sports radial motorcycle tyre brand battleground, who all hope I can in China sports radial motorcycle tyre market occupies an important position.

Existing sports radial motorcycle tyre industry experts point out that our country sports radial tire market there will be 7 big trend, this is also the major Sports Radial Motorcycle tire wholesalers problems should be considered.

First of all, the first big move, as people to the concept of green environmental protection low carbon travel constantly improve, green environmental protection sports most radial tires, motorcycle consumer recognition, as a result, both manufacturers and dealers have to pay attention to the needs of the consumers, as consumers in the footsteps of working hard to develop the "green sports radial motorcycle tyre".

Second trend: along with the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union countries such as the implementation of sports radial motorcycle tyre label method, our country in line with international standards to our country in this year will be a green sports radial solutions of industrialization of motorcycle tyre and green radial motorcycle tyre self-discipline standard come on stage, will promote our country "label". This will promote the orderly and harmonious development of the radial motorcycle tire wholesale market in China.

The third trend: with the development of industry, industrial automation will be followed by various industries. At present, the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire manufacturer has already applied automation to some Sports Radial Motorcycle tire production, the future, comprehensive automation will replace mechanization. With the improvement of the technology level, the production of radial motorcycle tires will be improved greatly, whether it is the product quality or the production efficiency.

The fourth big trends: the current domestic sports radial motorcycle tyre manufacturer is in her era of baihua debates around chu song, all sorts of small radial brand sports motorcycle tyre production surplus has seriously affected the domestic Sports Radial Motorcycle tire market. Many manufacturers now face restructuring. We can't always be so competitive, we have had the ancient training of the fittest, so we are waiting to meet the new challenge.

The fifth trend: nowadays many brands Sports Radial Motorcycle tire manufacturers more and more in southeast Asia and other rubber raw materials producing factories, thus saving the transportation of raw materials and other costs. Now the southeast Asian region has gradually become the destination of Chinese Sports Radial Motorcycle tire enterprises.

Sixth largest movements: as the domestic Sports Radial Motorcycle tire enterprises is generally small, level of social production in the fierce competition and international still has very big disparity, in the competition of environment, we should try to develop technology to improve their sports radial motorcycle tyre quality. It has become an idiomatic way to expand the reduction of the price of the radial motorcycle tire of our Sports Radial Motorcycle tire. Nowadays, more and more domestic sports radial motorcycle tyre manufacturers are aware of reducing the radial motorcycle tyre price and sales promotions have in Sports Radial Motorcycle tire industry is not a good method, many Sports Radial Motorcycle tire enterprises now have begun to realize this, set out to improve the quality of sports motorcycle tire radial radial motorcycle tyre and technology play sports brand war. China Sports Radial Motorcycle tire market will enter from the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire price war to the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire brand war.

7 big trends: radial motorcycle sports in China winter sports radial tire market motorcycle tires should be the most rapid growth of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, appear this kind of development trend of the reason is due to domestic improvement of living standards, people's concept of the car maintenance increases. Due to the four distinct seasons in northern China, it is becoming more and more common for people to change the winter Sports Radial Motorcycle tires in winter. Winter sports radial motorcycle tyre demand more with the increase of the temperature of cold, so the domestic winter sports radial motorcycle tyre market will be a major Sports Radial Motorcycle tire enterprises grab objects. Now Michelin Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, Dunlop, radial radial motorcycle tires, motorcycle tires, bridgestone, sports hankook Sports Radial Motorcycle tire brands such as radial motorcycle tires have been constantly updated winter sports radial motorcycle tyre. In August, major Sports Radial Motorcycle tire wholesalers have started selling winter tyres to meet customer needs.