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2018 Yamaha XMax Scooter First Look
Sep 29, 2017

1. The 2018 Yamaha XMax’s new 292cc motor is fully modern. In addition to being water-cooled and having a four-valve head (albeit with a single cam), the XMax’s motor is also fuel-injected and counterbalanced for smooth, efficient running. A semi-dry sump design also improves performance.

2. Traction control is standard. While the XMax has a traditional fully automatic belt/pulley constantly variable transmission (CVT) that helps avoid wheelspin by mechanically matching power to wheel speed. However, the XMax’s electronics system also has traction control. The XMax’s TC monitors wheel speeds and reduces power if it detects a slipping rear wheel.

3. ABS is standard to keep traction when decelerating. The discs are fairly large for a 397-pound scooter, so traction enhancement aids are welcome whether slowing or accelerating.