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What Are The Pre-signs Of Solid Sports Radial Motorcycle Tires Before Scrapping?
Sep 20, 2017

What are the pre-signs of solid Sports Radial Motorcycle tires before scrapping?
Solid Sports Radial Motorcycle tire is an important component, if the process of walking in the event of failure and other shortcomings, then the consequences will be disastrous, can lead to vehicle control, and even difficult to reach the destination. As long as a clear understanding of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires are deformed, performance is declining, you can timely replacement of new Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, to prevent the emergence of shortcomings.
Solid Sports Radial Motorcycle tire Failure Warning:
1, Sports Radial Motorcycle tire tread stripes depth. The thickness of the tread markings must be greater than 1.6 mm, and if you are often driving on a slippery road with low friction, it is best to ensure that the tread markings are twice the thickness of the above. Can buy a meter to measure the thickness of the tread markings, but also be able to use a dollar coin, along the top edge of the national flag into the tread gully, because the coin margin to the top of the national emblem interval between 1 to 2 mm, so If at this time can also see the entire national emblem logo, to clarify the tread markings are now lacking.
2, tread markings wear line. Because the new Sports Radial Motorcycle tires than the old vintage products more than a human planning: tread markings wear line. When the Sports Radial Motorcycle tires are very new or the degree of wear is very low, these indicators are almost not to be found, but when the wear reaches a certain degree of these hidden in the tread gully in the indication line is presented.
3, Sports Radial Motorcycle tire sidewall cracks. Because the Sports Radial Motorcycle tire problems are not all set in the tread, Sports Radial Motorcycle tire sidewall will also present some shortcomings. Observe the visually visible cracks and cut off on the side walls of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires. These subtle troughs indicate the future of air sports tire tires on the possible leaks, worse, and even lead to the movement of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, these Sports Radial Motorcycle tire defects are we strive to prevent of.
Because the vehicle before the process of showing a certain amount of vibration is not prevent, especially in poor road conditions. With regard to the people who have already had a mastery of experience, they can be able to tell themselves how to shake the solid sports tires in a reasonable range, and how to quiver the shortcomings of the vehicle.
 What are the advantages of solid tires, why do most customers choose solid tires? Here, let Xiaobian with you to understand the solid tire and inflatable Sports Radial Motorcycle tires their own advantages and disadvantages.
    Sports Radial Motorcycle tires are used to support vehicles, is the source of vehicle adhesion, the vehicle's many important properties, including mobility, braking, economy, through, driving safety and carrying capacity have an important impact The Sports Radial Motorcycle tires are mainly solid tire and inflatable Sports Radial Motorcycle tires two, the choice of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, to improve life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs play an important role.
    Inflatable Sports Radial Motorcycle tires: inflatable Sports Radial Motorcycle tires refers to the use of compressed air into the elastic capsule to ease the movement of the vibration and impact of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires.
    Advantages: easy to install, the driver affected by the bumps smaller, the price is more affordable.
    Disadvantages: life is much better than the solid Sports Radial Motorcycle tires, if you encounter metal factory, glass and other enterprises involved in metal or glass is prone to broken tire phenomenon.
    Solid tires: solid tires its carcass is solid, no cords for the skeleton, no inflatable, so no inner tube or airtight layer. Production of raw materials is made of a special rubber material, in addition to the middle of the hollow to maintain the center of gravity, all are solid. This production of Sports Radial Motorcycle tires can play nail, bulletproof, anti-debris and so on.
    Advantages: good wear resistance, the service life is generally inflatable Sports Radial Motorcycle tires 3-4 times, generally do not occur broken tire phenomenon. Not afraid of tires, bad tires, the service life is relatively long, 3 to 5 years, do not cheer, save a lot of after-sales trouble.
    Disadvantages: to adapt to the road capacity is poor, uneven road comparison Britain, poor earthquake ability, ride up slightly heavier than the inflatable. Sports Radial Motorcycle tires harder prone to bumpy, the installation of trouble, more procedures, if installed properly will lead to Sports Radial Motorcycle tires and skirts between the slip.