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What Are The Trends In City Motorcycle Tire Industry In 2017?
Aug 31, 2017

What are the trends in City Motorcycle tire industry in 2017?
  At present, the global City Motorcycle tire enterprises located in 46 countries and regions around the world, the world's City Motorcycle tire industry has formed a large multinational companies dominated the highly intensive industry group. China's City Motorcycle tire business has reached more than 500, City Motorcycle tire production, accounting for about one-third of the world, China's City Motorcycle tire companies are no longer satisfied with the small-scale production.
    Group, diversification, and differentiation has become the current development of China and the world City Motorcycle tire industry goals. Any City Motorcycle tire companies are looking forward to their own production of City Motorcycle tires can break through the traditional, with excellent City Motorcycle tire products in the market come out on top. 2017 City Motorcycle tire industry development has the following trends.
A City Motorcycle tire production strategy of the transfer of the construction
    World-renowned City Motorcycle tire manufacturers are from the national production to the international development strategy stage, first selected to want to develop the City Motorcycle tire market, in the local to establish their own City Motorcycle tire production plant. China's City Motorcycle tire business on the one hand due to "double reverse" lead to export restrictions, on the other hand, to the local construction is also China's City Motorcycle tire business development trend of the inevitable trend. The top five cities in the world motorcycle motorcycle tire factory around the world, overseas base production ratio has accounted for 60% -80% of the headquarters; other top ten enterprises have also set up factories in the world, global development, as the world, by the big Strengthen the important strategic means, continue to increase the strength to be strengthened.
Second, break the inherent way of City Motorcycle tire production, from the number to the quality improvement.
    Break the inherent way of City Motorcycle tire production, from the number to the quality of the upgrade. China's City Motorcycle tire industry low-end excess capacity, the future of City Motorcycle tire industry will mainly rely on the search for existing City Motorcycle tires to reduce costs, and the pursuit of the development of high performance, high performance and versatility of new City Motorcycle tires Improve business efficiency. Innovation has become an inexhaustible motive force for enterprises, in the development of innovation, innovation in the development. China's City Motorcycle tire industry structure will also occur a series of changes, turbulence, differentiation, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization of the wind will come and go, intensified.
Three Chinese City Motorcycle tire business sales can occupy more market share.
    China's City Motorcycle tire sales are numerous, but the total sales are far less than the number of sales. China's total sales of City Motorcycle tires can occupy a higher share of the world's City Motorcycle tire market.
Four City Motorcycle tire business mode will be diversified in a variety of forms.
    In addition to the current traditional enterprise management model, the Chinese City Motorcycle tire business is expected to extend to the upstream and downstream industries. On the one hand, there are raw materials outside the mining model for the development of raw materials for the system, the establishment of gradually their own raw materials factory, City Motorcycle tire products are no longer subject to fluctuations in raw material prices have been greatly affected, or with raw materials enterprises in direct way to ensure that Timely supply of raw materials on demand and reduce procurement costs, to ensure the normal operation of production. Second, the implementation of City Motorcycle tire products to deepen the service system, since the City Motorcycle tire shop external retail City Motorcycle tires, to achieve the purpose of one-stop production and marketing.
Five City Motorcycle tire industry green, intelligent, and raw material innovation
    Green City Motorcycle tires, smart City Motorcycle tires have become the future development trend of City Motorcycle tire industry, City Motorcycle tire manufacturers in the development of new technologies, but also the application of new materials to City Motorcycle tire production, such as Graphene, the production of green City Motorcycle tires, City Motorcycle tire products to achieve safety, energy saving, environmental protection. Thereby improving the performance of all aspects of City Motorcycle tires. Saving car fuel consumption of low-rolling energy-saving City Motorcycle tires, noise-free environment-friendly City Motorcycle tires and other high-performance and ultra-high performance City Motorcycle tires, will gradually replace the existing products become mainstream. Intelligent and functional City Motorcycle tires will gradually increase the proportion.