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What Happens When A Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire Is Depleted?
Nov 02, 2017

What happens when a solid Motorcycle Radial Tire is depleted?
Compared with inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tires, because the solid Motorcycle Radial Tires more wear resistance. Solid Motorcycle Radial Tires are mainly used for low-speed heavy-duty lifting vehicles, traction vehicles and flat trucks and other industrial vehicles, and solid Motorcycle Radial Tires are also widely used in all walks of life, that once its damage, how to deal with What? Forklift Motorcycle Radial Tire manufacturers Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction.
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire damage handling:
①, tire tires, perforation, blistering, delamination and other damage, should be based on specific circumstances repair or renovation. Tire carcass around the cracks, tread rubber has been polished and a large hole, the carcass line with a ring break and the whole circle of the situation should be replaced.
②, inner tube found a small hole, can be hot or cold fill. Will be inside the tire damage around the rough file, the fire will be affixed to the damage at the damage, and holes just holes in the center of the glue, and then fill the tire on the torch installed, tighten the screw and then re-ignition Fire filler on the heating agent, to be 10-15min, can be tightly bonded.
③, timely replacement: If the tube has folded, broken serious, aging sticky, deformation and other issues can not be amended, you need to replace the time. Together to develop a regular view of fetal pressure, it is best to check once every other month, tire pressure should be timely to make up. In the high-speed before the routine must also be checked to ensure traffic safety.
In the daily use of solid Motorcycle Radial Tires in the process, because many owners are ignoring the situation of Motorcycle Radial Tires, which easily lead to the onset of trouble. As long as the usual attention to view and maintenance, to develop a good driving habits, in order to peace of mind the world.
In general, solid Motorcycle Radial Tires is the key to driving the car parts, Motorcycle Radial Tires also determine the quality of the car directly to the comfort, safety and so on. The importance of Motorcycle Radial Tires is obvious, then what is the need for Motorcycle Radial Tires?
First, the Motorcycle Radial Tire markings wear to the limit. The bottom of the tread mark groove has a slightly protruding tread wear indicator, with a height of 1.6 mm. If tread rubber zebra blocks are worn to the same height as the symbols of these protrusions, you should immediately replace the Motorcycle Radial Tires as the continued harness is no longer safe.
Second, in the wet slippery road on the use of excessive wear and tear of the Motorcycle Radial Tires, will be "water floating like", add the risk of control out of control. Due to excessive wear on the Motorcycle Radial Tires, tread markings can not be discharged under the Motorcycle Radial Tires, which will lead to vehicle out of control.
Third, Motorcycle Radial Tires are now aging. If you find tread deformation or obvious cracks in the scene, please stop using these Motorcycle Radial Tires, and timely professional Motorcycle Radial Tire technician to check to determine whether this Motorcycle Radial Tires can continue to use.
Four, Motorcycle Radial Tires nail repair more than three times. One or two of the tire repair will not affect the use of Motorcycle Radial Tires, but more than three times after the safety of thinking on the proposed replacement Motorcycle Radial Tires. As the high-speed driving, the Motorcycle Radial Tire temperature increases, too much damage has been compensated, but still add the probability of risk presented.
On the solid Motorcycle Radial Tires, the repair is certainly a remedy for the law, but as long as the repair will exist there are security risks, under normal circumstances the Motorcycle Radial Tire damage should be replaced with new tires, Motorcycle Radial Tire manufacturers are so required.