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What Is The Correct Operation To Prevent The Abnormal Wear Of City Motorcycle Tire
Oct 20, 2017

What is the correct operation to prevent the abnormal wear of City Motorcycle tire
City Motorcycle tire in the use of abnormal wear and tear generally have six cases: First, the middle of the crown crown wear; Second, the crown shoulders extraordinary wear; Third, the steering wheel inside the crown (or lateral) abnormal partial wear; Fourth, the crown was jagged wear; six crown crown local wear and tear. Mainly due to uneven tread wear, ply between the ply, cord loose and broken and the resulting rupture of the carcass.
City motorcycles driving, the City Motorcycle tire parts of the force is more complex: vertical direction in the vertical reaction force, tangential direction of vertical and horizontal reaction force, so that City Motorcycle tire in these directions there is a whole or local relative slip , Resulting in tread wear and deformation; in the carcass internal tensile, compression caused by fatigue, thereby reducing the strength; in the ply between the shear stress, when the stress exceeds the adsorption between the ply and rubber layer, There will be loose cord phenomenon; in the City Motorcycle tire deformation, the tire and the inner tube will also occur between the friction heat, part of the heat distributed in the air, the other part of the heat accumulated, resulting in urban motorcycle tire temperature, Performance degradation, so that urban motorcycle tire wear and tear increased, causing the cord loose, broken and carcass rupture and so on.
1, to strengthen the maintenance of urban motorcycles tires, so that the "four ground" (that is, Qin Pai air pressure, diligent inspection tire temperature, ground digging stones, ground plug hole) according to the provisions of the pressure to the City Motorcycle tire inflation, State and a certain load on a regular basis to check and adjust the City Motorcycle tire pressure, at least once a month; summer due to higher ambient temperature, such as the discovery of tire temperature should be appropriate to increase the number of stops, to avoid strong sun direct City Motorcycle tire, Fork in the shade, not to use cold water cooling or deflated buck; winter open for a long time when parked, should be in the City Motorcycle tires below the mat board, starting can not be accelerated immediately, until the City Motorcycle tires become hot and then transferred Normal driving. To promptly remove the embedded tread between the metal, glass and gravel and other debris; in the removal of embedded debris, such as the wound has reached the fetal body, should be replaced by new City Motorcycle tires. To timely check the City Motorcycle tires nails, cut, drums and cracking, etc., if the deeper hole application of raw rubber to fill.
2, to improve the quality of the maintenance of the chassis in time for the wheel positioning inspection and correction to ensure that the front beam and camber to meet the design requirements; check whether the rim cracking, deformation and obvious corrosion, if any should be promptly repaired or for high-quality rim , To ensure that the rim and the City Motorcycle tires match; in accordance with the provisions of the filling grease and adjust the wheel bearings, tie rods, the main pin bushing gap to the design value; to maintain the balance of City Motorcycle tire, such as imbalance, To carry out the dynamic balance test; frequent valve exhaust check to determine whether the City Motorcycle tire has been into the oil, once found into the tire into the oil, should immediately remove the City Motorcycle tire cleaning, while checking the gas seal, The City Motorcycle tires placed in the greenhouse to restore the elasticity of the tires, into the rim when the coat in the fetal mouth to apply soap to prevent damage to the mouth; the new station should go through the wear and tear after about 200km before the normal use of traffic brake drum gap Should be adjusted to the design value, no drag; wheel oil seal and brake cylinder should be no oil spills, to prevent oil dripping into the city motorcycle Wet rubber tire; lateral and radial swing amount should meet the requirements of the wheel assembly.
3, to improve the driving skills should be slow to start the clutch pedal, smooth start; driving the maximum speed should not exceed the City Motorcycle tire level speed limit; travel process should try to avoid rapid acceleration, emergency braking and emergency steering. Driving should be noted that the rough, sharp and sharp material scattered on the road. When there are obstacles such as stones and pits, you should slow down or avoid.
4, a reasonable choice and with the City Motorcycle tire specifications should be based on urban motorcycle weight and cargo weight generated by static load and urban motorcycles driving the dynamic load, and consider the road and speed factors to determine the City Motorcycle tires should be Mounted on the specified specifications of the rim; the same axle should be equipped with the same brand, specifications, patterns and levels of urban motorcycles tires; facelift City Motorcycle tires should be coaxial coins; City Motorcycle tire should be used The first wheel should be equipped with less trauma, wear light City Motorcycle tire After the transposition, should be adjusted according to the requirements of the tire position to adjust the pressure; should be based on driving conditions to select the appropriate tread pattern; installed pattern of City Motorcycle tire, should pay attention to the direction of the wheel rolling mark.