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What Is The Difference Between A Sport Radial Motorcycle Tire And An Ordinary One
May 27, 2017

Sports radial motorcycle tires and ordinary what is the difference between a structural comparison

  1, width: sports radial motorcycle tire width is wider than ordinary tires, which is to increase the larger ground area, enhance the grip. Ordinary tire tread narrow, so you can reduce the ground area, thereby reducing the resistance, to energy saving.

  2, flat rate: sports radial motorcycle tire flat rate is low, it seems relatively thin side of the tire, which is to reduce the tire kinetic energy loss, as far as possible the torque into thrust. Moreover, the low flattening rate can provide sufficient support force when driving at high speed. Ordinary tires flat rate is relatively high, so you can absorb the vibration on the bumpy road, so that the car to open up more comfortable.

  Second, the compound comparison

  Sports radial tire tires are generally relatively soft, which can increase the grip. Partial movement of radial motorcycle tires will use hot melt and semi-hot melt. Are to enhance the grip may be. The ordinary tire rubber compound hard, mainly to enhance the tire wear, reduce the drag and set.

  In the choice of tires, according to their own models and the use of the situation, the fit is good

  Sports Radial Motorcycle tire Wide tires should be said that the tire tread is very wide, and the tire bead (outside diameter) and tread distance is very small or the tire looks very flat. In fact, the tire benefits are: to increase the contact area with the ground, the vehicle in the driving speed forklift and other reactions more quickly and smoothly, while the vehicle fuel to rise, the use of such tires are mostly high-end cars or sports car. One: anti-puncture = safety - vacuum tire surface is a layer of high-quality rubber, inflated after the external tension increases in the inner surface of the formation of a certain pressure to improve the self-styled ability to break, once punctured, unlike ordinary tires So the gas in the moment all vent finished, will continue for some time to protect the safety of high-speed driving. Second: ultra-wear = save money - vacuum tire wheels than ordinary wheels diameter, in the drive will not be affected by the impact of the brake drum heat. Because there is no inner tube and lining, the tire and the wheel ring seal as a whole, in the vehicle at high speed, the tire and the road friction caused by the high temperature, in the internal (hot air) through the steel ring directly heat down the tire temperature, Of the service life. Third: low fuel consumption = money - vacuum tires in the metric unit 315 / 80R22.5,295 / 80R22.5,275 / 70R22.5 for the flat tire, tire crown angle is zero, so strong adhesion. Can maintain good driving stability and smaller friction, is conducive to shock absorption and improve the speed. The positioning of the belt is high, the radial runout of the wheel is small and the resistance is small. Thus reducing the fuel 3%. The use of tubeless tires truck, truck its wear resistance, safety, comfort, stability than the use of