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When Installing Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire Should Pay Attention To Which Five Matters
Sep 20, 2017

When installing solid Motorcycle Radial Tire should pay attention to which five matters
    Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire are inflatable Motorcycle Radial Tire (hollow Motorcycle Radial Tire) corresponding to a motorcycle tire, the carcass is solid, no cords for the skeleton, without inflatable, so no inner tube or airtight layer. The earliest Motorcycle Radial Tire are solid Motorcycle Radial Tire. Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire are currently used only for low-speed high-load vehicles or machinery, and also for fixed-position machinery. So in the installation of solid tire should pay attention to the following five things:
    1, please use the standard rim, has been deformed or damaged wheels do not use.
    2, before the combination of rims and Motorcycle Radial Tire, please clean up the wheels and Motorcycle Radial Tire, can not have debris left in the internal.
    3, before the combination of rims and Motorcycle Radial Tire. You can use the oily lubricant or soapy water to wipe the cap wheel rims. Do not use oily lubricants.
    4, the combination of wheels and Motorcycle Radial Tire should pay attention to the case of fitting, do not use more than the normal range of wind pressure forced installation, so as to avoid danger.
    Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire are generally used under high load, require sufficient pressure and wear resistance of the compound, with a high enough tensile strength, high hardness, low permanent deformation and good wear resistance.
    Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire are suitable for low speed, high load harsh conditions of use under the conditions of industrial motorcycles tires, its safety, durability, economy is significantly better than inflatable tires, widely used in various industrial vehicles, military Vehicles, construction machinery, port airport towing vehicles and other fields.
Solid Motorcycle Radial Tire as the only touch point of the car and the ground, related to the lives of people riding safety. And some unscrupulous businesses in order to reap huge profits, recycling waste motorcycle tire refurbished again after the sale. Consumers hate this, that in the purchase of Motorcycle Radial Tire, to pay attention to what can distinguish between the original Motorcycle Radial Tire and refurbished Motorcycle Radial Tire it?
Method one: observe the Motorcycle Radial Tire pattern color and luster
From the lines point of view, under normal circumstances, due to poor quality refurbished tire processing is very irregular, so the groove is relatively shallow. In terms of color, poor quality refurbished tires look brightly colored, shiny shiny, and formal relatively dark. Refurbished Motorcycle Radial Tire color and gloss are relatively bleak.
Method 2: observe the tread and sidewall overlap site
First look at the sidewall, a variety of signs are complete, the motorcycle tire manufacturers have a logo pattern code to see whether the pattern code and Motorcycle Radial Tire corresponding pattern. Followed by the shoulder to see how the tread and the carcass are combined with the smooth, refurbished tires are self-made tread fit in the old carcass, tread and sidewall between the overlap as the new tires flat round, motorcycle There are traces of the side of the tire.
Method three: grasp the Motorcycle Radial Tire mark
As we all know, the original authentic Motorcycle Radial Tire on the outside will have some convex signs, indicating the motorcycle tire model, performance, production date and wear logo (usually motorcycle tire printed on the outside TWI, or small triangle logo that For the tread wear logo), genuine new tires these signs are integrated with the Motorcycle Radial Tire, hand pull can not pull down.
In general, the regular manufacturers of brand Motorcycle Radial Tire, tires have some protruding signs, marking the motorcycle tire models and performance, the inside printed with a shelf life date (show 4 digits, in general, the first two for the year Of the XX week of production, and then the two for the production year), tread anti-slip groove wear marks clearly visible. And most of the signs of refurbished Motorcycle Radial Tire to re-paste up, with the nail scratches these signs, can be pulled out of the Motorcycle Radial Tire will be refurbished.