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Yoshimura Products Now Distributed In The US By Western Power Sports Inc.
Jan 19, 2017

On January 14, WPS (Western Power Sports, Inc.) made the official announcement at its annual Boise, ID national sales meeting that the company will now include Yoshimura products to its expanding list of vendors. Six WPS distribution centers will now open their doors to deliver Yoshimura off-road, street, ATV and UTV products throughout the United States.

WPS to distribute Yoshimura products

Photo Courtesy of WPS

WPS has announced the addition of Yoshimura products to its list of vendors.

Over the years, Yoshimura has been committed to R&D and has matched this dedication to uncompromising quality standards in its exhausts. The attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship that goes into making Yoshimura products is impossible to replicate with a machine. The technicians at work there are artists; the exhaust systems they produce are pieces of art. All of this talent, tools and raw metal come together to form the best exhaust systems in the world. The Yoshimura motto is simple and has not changed since the company's inception: Make the best parts possible, and never compromise.

WPS distributed Yoshimura products to US

Photo Courtesy of WPS

For over 50 years, Yoshimura has delivered great, uncompromising products, and now WPS will distribute those products throughout the US.

Craig Shoemaker, WPS President and CEO stated that “This is great news for all of us here at WPS. When we made the announcement on the first day of our eight-day national sales meeting, our rep force was excited! With Yoshimura’s tradition of producing high quality exhaust systems, we are honored to be a distributor of their products. Our team is super excited to add another quality line to what we already distribute and expand our offering and service to our dealers.”

Don Sakakura, Sr. Vice President of Yoshimura R&D of America Inc. shared in the excitement by stating “We take our business partnerships very seriously. Craig Shoemaker and his staff at WPS have built a very impressive distribution business over the years and we feel it’s time to take advantage of the energy that is coming out of Boise. The entire staff at WPS has welcomed the Yoshimura brand with open arms, we are very excited about this relationship.”

Yoshimura products now distributed through WPS dealers